League A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Kimptons Energy Solutions65102031716
2APH Accountants64111731413
3Sovex Systems6402146812
4Stanton Belting Ltd6312811-310
5Wirral Autistic Society612369-35
6Wirral Chamber of Commerce 6105416-123
7AEV Ltd6015425-211

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Kimptons Energy Solutions6v0Stanton Belting Ltd
APH Accountants5v0AEV Ltd
Wirral Chamber of Commerce 0v3Wirral Autistic Society
AEV Ltd0v6Kimptons Energy Solutions
Stanton Belting Ltd3v1Wirral Chamber of Commerce
Sovex Systems0v1APH Accountants
Wirral Chamber of Commerce 3v0AEV Ltd
Kimptons Energy Solutions3v0Sovex Systems
Wirral Autistic Society0v0Stanton Belting Ltd
AEV Ltd2v2Wirral Autistic Society
Sovex Systems2v0Wirral Chamber of Commerce
Wirral Autistic Society1v2Kimptons Energy Solutions
APH Accountants2v2Kimptons Energy Solutions
Sovex Systems3v0Wirral Autistic Society
APH Accountants7v0Wirral Chamber of Commerce
AEV Ltd1v3Stanton Belting Ltd
Wirral Autistic Society0v2APH Accountants
Stanton Belting Ltd1v3Sovex Systems
Sovex Systems6v1AEV Ltd
Stanton Belting Ltd1v0APH Accountants
Kimptons Energy Solutions1v0Wirral Chamber of Commerce

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