league A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Jimmy Brooks651038102811
2Grant Shields651036122411
3Scott Inglis64023018128
4John Urquhart6312242407
5James Simpson6303262246
6Mo Johnston62132325-25
7Frank Clark72142135-145
8Paul Mason51221525-104
9Ian Prior60331830-123
10James McCallister6006939-300

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Paul Mason5v3James Simpson
Frank Clark5v3James McCallister
Mo Johnston1v7Grant Shields
John Urquhart0v8Scott Inglis
Paul Mason4v4Ian Prior
Frank Clark2v6Scott Inglis
James McCallister1v7James Simpson
John Urquhart4v4Grant Shields
Jimmy Brooks5v3Mo Johnston
Frank Clark5v3Ian Prior
Frank Clark2v6John Urquhart
James Simpson1v7Mo Johnston
James McCallister0v8Jimmy Brooks
Scott Inglis6v2Ian Prior
Frank Clark2v6Grant Shields
Jimmy Brooks6v2John Urquhart
Grant Shields7v1Ian Prior
James Simpson5v3Scott Inglis
Mo Johnston6v2James McCallister
Jimmy Brooks8v0Paul Mason
Grant Shields7v1James McCallister
Jimmy Brooks4v4Ian Prior
Scott Inglis6v2Paul Mason
Frank Clark4v4Paul Mason
Frank Clark1v7James Simpson
Jimmy Brooks7v1Scott Inglis
Ian Prior4v4Mo Johnston
John Urquhart6v2Mo Johnston
John Urquhart6v2James McCallister
James Simpson3v5Grant Shields

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