League 6

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Man Eating Squirrels2200858056
2Thunder Chickens2200847956
3Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies11003015153
4Space Monkeys1100342683
5Swamp Donkeys1100302373
6Big Foots1100504733
7Trigger Happy Gofers2101828113
8Farting Ferrets21019294-23
9Spider Pigs21016165-43
10Flying Dwarfs21016678-123
11Hip Hop Bunnyz20028185-40
12Devil Ducks20029196-50
13Cow Mafia20028288-60
14Rainbow Butt Monkeys20027485-110

Viewed 187 times

Man Eating Squirrels47v44Farting Ferrets
Thunder Chickens48v44Devil Ducks
Trigger Happy Gofers47v45Hip Hop Bunnyz
Cow Mafia35v38Spider Pigs
Rainbow Butt Monkeys48v51Flying Dwarfs
Thunder Chickens36v35Trigger Happy Gofers
Spider Pigs23v30Swamp Donkeys
Rainbow Butt Monkeys26v34Space Monkeys
Hip Hop Bunnyz36v38Man Eating Squirrels
Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies30v15Flying Dwarfs
Devil Ducks47v48Farting Ferrets
Big Foots50v47Cow Mafia

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