League 4 new

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Aaron Stoke 85302261618
2Barry Everton 8431157815
3Chris Southampton 8350104614
4Andrew Palace 834182613
5Ash Liverpool 8341149513
6gerard Spurs 8233131129
7Ant Bournemouth 82241317-48
8Chris Man City 81251025-155
9Shane Manchester Utd8008024-240

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Chris Southampton 0v0Ash Liverpool
Chris Southampton 0v0Chris Man City
Aaron Stoke 0v0Andrew Palace
Shane Manchester Utd0v3gerard Spurs
Shane Manchester Utd0v3Chris Southampton
Shane Manchester Utd0v3Chris Man City
Shane Manchester Utd0v3Barry Everton
Shane Manchester Utd0v3Ash Liverpool
Shane Manchester Utd0v3Ant Bournemouth
Shane Manchester Utd0v3Andrew Palace
Shane Manchester Utd0v3Aaron Stoke
Ant Bournemouth 0v3Ash Liverpool
Ant Bournemouth 0v3Andrew Palace
Ant Bournemouth 0v3Barry Everton
Chris Man City 1v1Andrew Palace
Aaron Stoke 3v0Barry Everton
Aaron Stoke 4v2gerard Spurs
Ash Liverpool 4v1Chris Man City
Ant Bournemouth 0v0gerard Spurs
Chris Southampton 0v0Andrew Palace
Barry Everton 0v0Chris Southampton
Ash Liverpool 0v0Andrew Palace
Barry Everton 5v1Chris Man City
gerard Spurs 4v1Chris Man City
gerard Spurs 2v2Ash Liverpool
Ant Bournemouth 2v2Aaron Stoke
Chris Southampton 2v1gerard Spurs
Barry Everton 2v2Ash Liverpool
Barry Everton 1v0Andrew Palace
Aaron Stoke 5v1Chris Man City
Aaron Stoke 4v0Ash Liverpool
Andrew Palace 1v0gerard Spurs
Ant Bournemouth 2v4Chris Southampton
Aaron Stoke 1v1Chris Southampton
Ant Bournemouth 6v2Chris Man City
Barry Everton 1v1gerard Spurs

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