League 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Ash Chelsea 86111641219
2Ben Foote 85031611515
3Gerard Bayern 84221711614
4Duncan City 84131617-113
5Luke Madrid 832322101211
6Andrew Juventus 83231510511
7Ben United83231220-811
8Martin Athletico 82151219-77
9Chris Barcelona 8017529-241

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Andrew Juventus 0v1Ben Foote
Ash Chelsea 3v0Martin Athletico
Duncan City 3v0Martin Athletico
Luke Madrid 3v0Martin Athletico
Duncan City 2v1Luke Madrid
Gerard Bayern 1v1Ash Chelsea
Duncan City 5v2Gerard Bayern
Ben United2v1Ben Foote
Gerard Bayern 4v0Ben United
Chris Barcelona 0v3Andrew Juventus
Chris Barcelona 0v3Ben United
Chris Barcelona 0v3Ash Chelsea
Ben Foote 0v3Ash Chelsea
Duncan City 1v5Ben Foote
Chris Barcelona 1v2Duncan City
Andrew Juventus 0v2Ash Chelsea
Luke Madrid 1v1Andrew Juventus
Ben Foote 2v1Martin Athletico
Ben United1v1Andrew Juventus
Luke Madrid 1v1Gerard Bayern
Luke Madrid 8v0Chris Barcelona
Martin Athletico 1v0Gerard Bayern
Andrew Juventus 5v1Duncan City
Ben Foote 4v2Luke Madrid
Chris Barcelona 2v2Martin Athletico
Ben United2v1Ash Chelsea
Duncan City 1v1Ben United
Chris Barcelona 2v5Gerard Bayern
Andrew Juventus 4v2Martin Athletico
Andrew Juventus 1v2Gerard Bayern
Ash Chelsea 2v1Duncan City
Ben Foote 0v2Gerard Bayern
Ben Foote 3v0Chris Barcelona
Ash Chelsea 1v0Luke Madrid
Luke Madrid 6v1Ben United
Martin Athletico 6v2Ben United

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