League 2 fifa 16

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Kevin obrien 17132252114141
2Neil mason17122336122438
3Kyle Greenfield 1712233392438
4Craig jones 17121441172437
5Ben Shaw 17121438142437
6Alan Green 17113333122136
7Danny Thorpe 17104335142134
8Jake whelan 17111531191234
9Carl Harris 17101632211131
10Jamie Ross 179172121028
11Michael Potter 1770101925-621
12Phil Anderson 176292236-1420
13Shane sowersby 1761102527-219
14Timothy osullivan1731131137-2610
15Daniel osullivan 1723121139-289
16Leon symonds 173014942-339
17Suliman Ali 171016348-453
18David Cook 170116351-481

Viewed 2161 times

Timothy osullivan0v3Alan Green
Kevin obrien 0v0Danny Thorpe
Jamie Ross 0v3Danny Thorpe
Jamie Ross 0v3Neil mason
Danny Thorpe 0v3Neil mason
Michael Potter 0v3Alan Green
Danny Thorpe 3v0Michael Potter
Neil mason3v0Michael Potter
Alan Green 0v0Phil Anderson
Michael Potter 0v3Craig jones
Shane sowersby 0v3Craig jones
Neil mason3v0Jake whelan
Danny Thorpe 0v0Jake whelan
Craig jones 3v0Jake whelan
Neil mason0v0Kyle Greenfield
Jake whelan 0v3Kyle Greenfield
Danny Thorpe 0v3Kyle Greenfield
Craig jones 3v0Kyle Greenfield
Alan Green 0v3Neil mason
Alan Green 3v0Jamie Ross
Alan Green 0v0Danny Thorpe
Alan Green 0v3Craig jones
Michael Potter 0v3Carl Harris
Neil mason0v3Ben Shaw
Michael Potter 0v3Ben Shaw
Jake whelan 0v3Ben Shaw
Kevin obrien 3v1Kyle Greenfield
Shane sowersby 1v3Kevin obrien
Shane sowersby 3v0Daniel osullivan
Phil Anderson 3v0Daniel osullivan
Neil mason3v0Daniel osullivan
Kyle Greenfield 3v0Daniel osullivan
Kevin obrien 3v0Daniel osullivan
Jamie Ross 0v0Daniel osullivan
Jake whelan 3v0Daniel osullivan
Danny Thorpe 3v0Daniel osullivan
Carl Harris 3v0Daniel osullivan
Ben Shaw 3v0Daniel osullivan
Alan Green 3v0Daniel osullivan
Ben Shaw 3v0Jamie Ross
Carl Harris 1v0Jamie Ross
Kevin obrien 1v2Jamie Ross
Ben Shaw 3v2Shane sowersby
Kevin obrien 1v0Michael Potter
Alan Green 1v0Carl Harris
Daniel osullivan 0v3Craig jones
Ben Shaw 0v3Kyle Greenfield
Jake whelan 3v2Carl Harris
Shane sowersby 0v1Neil mason
Neil mason3v0Phil Anderson
Michael Potter 3v0Phil Anderson
Kyle Greenfield 3v0Phil Anderson
Jake whelan 3v0Phil Anderson
Danny Thorpe 3v0Phil Anderson
Carl Harris 3v0Phil Anderson
Shane sowersby 3v0Leon symonds
Phil Anderson 3v0Leon symonds
Neil mason3v0Leon symonds
Michael Potter 3v0Leon symonds
Kyle Greenfield 3v0Leon symonds
Kevin obrien 3v0Leon symonds
Jamie Ross 3v0Leon symonds
Jake whelan 3v0Leon symonds
Danny Thorpe 3v0Leon symonds
Daniel osullivan 3v0Leon symonds
Craig jones 3v0Leon symonds
Carl Harris 3v0Leon symonds
Ben Shaw 3v0Leon symonds
Alan Green 3v0Leon symonds
Timothy osullivan0v3Shane sowersby
Timothy osullivan0v3Phil Anderson
Timothy osullivan0v3Neil mason
Timothy osullivan0v3Leon symonds
Timothy osullivan0v3Jake whelan
Timothy osullivan0v3Danny Thorpe
Timothy osullivan0v3Craig jones
Timothy osullivan0v3Carl Harris
Timothy osullivan0v3Ben Shaw
Danny Thorpe 3v1Shane sowersby
Jamie Ross 1v0Shane sowersby
Jamie Ross 1v0Michael Potter
Alan Green 2v1Kevin obrien
Jamie Ross 1v0Kyle Greenfield
Kevin obrien 3v0Jake whelan
Shane sowersby 0v3Michael Potter
Kyle Greenfield 2v1Shane sowersby
Craig jones 3v1Phil Anderson
Ben Shaw 2v1Carl Harris
Carl Harris 2v1Craig jones
Kevin obrien 2v1Timothy osullivan
Kevin obrien 6v1Carl Harris
Danny Thorpe 0v3Ben Shaw
Danny Thorpe 2v2Carl Harris
Carl Harris 2v1Neil mason
Kyle Greenfield 1v0Michael Potter
Timothy osullivan1v2Michael Potter
Daniel osullivan 1v2Michael Potter
Jamie Ross 0v2Timothy osullivan
Alan Green 4v0Shane sowersby
Ben Shaw 0v2Craig jones
Ben Shaw 1v2Phil Anderson
Kevin obrien 8v1Phil Anderson
Kevin obrien 1v1Ben Shaw
Daniel osullivan 3v3David Cook
Suliman Ali 0v3Shane sowersby
Suliman Ali 0v3Phil Anderson
Suliman Ali 0v3Neil mason
Suliman Ali 0v3Michael Potter
Suliman Ali 0v3Leon symonds
Suliman Ali 0v3Kyle Greenfield
Suliman Ali 0v3Jamie Ross
Suliman Ali 0v3Jake whelan
Suliman Ali 0v3Danny Thorpe
Suliman Ali 0v3Craig jones
Suliman Ali 0v3Carl Harris
Suliman Ali 0v3Ben Shaw
Suliman Ali 0v3Alan Green
Kevin obrien 5v1Craig jones
Suliman Ali 0v3Daniel osullivan
Suliman Ali 0v3Kevin obrien
Suliman Ali 0v3Timothy osullivan
Timothy osullivan1v1Daniel osullivan
Carl Harris 0v2Kyle Greenfield
Kyle Greenfield 2v0Timothy osullivan
Shane sowersby 2v2Phil Anderson
Alan Green 1v1Kyle Greenfield
Alan Green 3v1Ben Shaw
Jamie Ross 4v1Phil Anderson
Alan Green 1v3Jake whelan
Michael Potter 3v0David Cook
Jake whelan 2v0Michael Potter
Neil mason3v0David Cook
Kevin obrien 3v0David Cook
Kevin obrien 6v0Neil mason
Craig jones 1v1Neil mason
Jamie Ross 1v3Jake whelan
Shane sowersby 0v2Jake whelan
Carl Harris 0v3Shane sowersby
Craig jones 2v6Danny Thorpe
Timothy osullivan3v0David Cook
Suliman Ali 3v0David Cook
Shane sowersby 3v0David Cook
Phil Anderson 3v0David Cook
Leon symonds 3v0David Cook
Kyle Greenfield 3v0David Cook
Jamie Ross 3v0David Cook
Jake whelan 3v0David Cook
Danny Thorpe 3v0David Cook
Craig jones 3v0David Cook
Carl Harris 3v0David Cook
Ben Shaw 3v0David Cook
Alan Green 3v0David Cook
Craig jones 1v2Jamie Ross

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