League 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Jordan Bradley 13121052124037
2Craig mc13101246172931
3Lucian bartalos 1391333122128
4Reece Allen 1383230141627
5Jamie duffin 135621412221
6Darren Kelly 136341315-221
7Sam exhall 136162827119
8Luke Compton 134541019-917
9Martyn smith134181935-1613
10Peter Hamilton 133371330-1712
11Josh John padget 133281442-2811
12David sleeves132471429-1510
13Kevin Holme 132291016-68
14Scott Lippett 130112319-161

Viewed 1269 times

Craig mc5v0Reece Allen
Jordan Bradley 2v0Reece Allen
Darren Kelly 0v0Jamie duffin
Martyn smith0v0Peter Hamilton
Luke Compton 0v0Reece Allen
Josh John padget 0v0Peter Hamilton
Jamie duffin 0v0Lucian bartalos
Darren Kelly 0v0Peter Hamilton
Jamie duffin 0v0Reece Allen
Jamie duffin 0v0Luke Compton
Sam exhall 1v0Kevin Holme
Craig mc3v2Lucian bartalos
Luke Compton 1v0Scott Lippett
Josh John padget 2v2David sleeves
Lucian bartalos 1v0Kevin Holme
Jamie duffin 2v0Sam exhall
Craig mc1v0Scott Lippett
Darren Kelly 2v1David sleeves
Martyn smith1v4Jordan Bradley
Kevin Holme 0v0Scott Lippett
Sam exhall 6v1David sleeves
Luke Compton 2v2Jordan Bradley
Martyn smith3v4Josh John padget
Craig mc1v2Jordan Bradley
Jamie duffin 0v5Jordan Bradley
Jamie duffin 1v0Scott Lippett
Reece Allen 1v0Kevin Holme
Sam exhall 3v0Peter Hamilton
Josh John padget 1v3Darren Kelly
Martyn smith0v3Luke Compton
Scott Lippett 0v1David sleeves
Lucian bartalos 4v0Peter Hamilton
Kevin Holme 0v1Jordan Bradley
Sam exhall 3v1Josh John padget
Craig mc3v0Luke Compton
Darren Kelly 1v0Martyn smith
Luke Compton 1v0Kevin Holme
Jamie duffin 1v0Kevin Holme
Scott Lippett 0v1Peter Hamilton
Lucian bartalos 4v1Josh John padget
Darren Kelly 3v2Sam exhall
Craig mc6v2Martyn smith
Reece Allen 3v2Peter Hamilton
Scott Lippett 0v1Josh John padget
Darren Kelly 0v2Lucian bartalos
Craig mc3v2Kevin Holme
Martyn smith3v2Sam exhall
Jamie duffin 3v3Craig mc
Peter Hamilton 1v5Jordan Bradley
Lucian bartalos 4v1David sleeves
Reece Allen 9v0Josh John padget
David sleeves0v0Luke Compton
Scott Lippett 0v1Darren Kelly
Lucian bartalos 2v1Sam exhall
Martyn smith3v2Kevin Holme
Jordan Bradley 8v1Josh John padget
Peter Hamilton 0v2Luke Compton
Reece Allen 1v0Darren Kelly
David sleeves1v4Craig mc
Scott Lippett 0v1Sam exhall
Martyn smith2v3Lucian bartalos
Reece Allen 2v1Lucian bartalos
Josh John padget 1v0Luke Compton
Luke Compton 0v0Darren Kelly
Jordan Bradley 5v1Darren Kelly
Peter Hamilton 2v6Craig mc
Scott Lippett 0v1Lucian bartalos
Martyn smith2v1Jamie duffin
Josh John padget 1v6Craig mc
Peter Hamilton 2v1Kevin Holme
Martyn smith1v0Scott Lippett
David sleeves0v2Reece Allen
David sleeves1v3Jordan Bradley
Reece Allen 2v2Sam exhall
David sleeves0v0Kevin Holme
Jordan Bradley 7v1Sam exhall
David sleeves1v1Jamie duffin
Scott Lippett 1v3Reece Allen
Martyn smith1v7Reece Allen
Darren Kelly 1v0Craig mc
Luke Compton 1v5Sam exhall
Josh John padget 1v2Kevin Holme
Jordan Bradley 2v1Lucian bartalos
Peter Hamilton 1v3Jamie duffin
Martyn smith1v2David sleeves
Craig mc5v1Sam exhall
Darren Kelly 1v3Kevin Holme
Luke Compton 0v8Lucian bartalos
Josh John padget 0v2Jamie duffin
Jordan Bradley 6v2Scott Lippett
Peter Hamilton 4v3David sleeves

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