League 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Steven's World24186057124560
2Eastside United24185155163959
3Downtown United24176151163557
4Norway City24174342152755
5Fire Station2411763224840
6Barcelona F.C248882329-632
7Champions F.C2461082324-128
8Aidan's World2466122132-1124
9Normal Town2455141632-1620
10Roaring Lego2447131840-2219
11Oasis F.C2445151742-2517
12Forest Town24210122040-2016
13Lego Town120111325-221
14Beach City120012233-310

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Normal Town1v3Steven's World
Normal Town3v1Roaring Lego
Normal Town3v1Oasis F.C
Normal Town0v1Norway City
Normal Town0v0Lego Town
Normal Town0v0Forest Town
Normal Town0v1Fire Station
Normal Town0v2Eastside United
Normal Town0v2Downtown United
Normal Town2v0Champions F.C
Normal Town2v0Beach City
Normal Town1v1Barcelona F.C
Normal Town1v0Aidan's World
Roaring Lego1v4Steven's World
Roaring Lego1v0Oasis F.C
Roaring Lego0v2Norway City
Roaring Lego0v0Normal Town
Roaring Lego2v0Lego Town
Roaring Lego2v2Forest Town
Roaring Lego2v2Fire Station
Roaring Lego1v4Eastside United
Roaring Lego1v4Downtown United
Roaring Lego1v0Champions F.C
Roaring Lego3v1Beach City
Roaring Lego1v1Barcelona F.C
Roaring Lego0v0Aidan's World
Forest Town1v3Steven's World
Forest Town1v1Roaring Lego
Forest Town1v1Oasis F.C
Forest Town1v3Norway City
Forest Town1v1Normal Town
Forest Town2v1Lego Town
Forest Town1v1Fire Station
Forest Town1v3Eastside United
Forest Town1v3Downtown United
Forest Town1v1Champions F.C
Forest Town3v1Beach City
Forest Town1v1Barcelona F.C
Forest Town1v1Aidan's World
Oasis F.C0v4Steven's World
Oasis F.C1v0Roaring Lego
Oasis F.C1v2Norway City
Oasis F.C2v1Normal Town
Oasis F.C2v1Lego Town
Oasis F.C1v1Forest Town
Oasis F.C1v3Fire Station
Oasis F.C1v4Eastside United
Oasis F.C1v4Downtown United
Oasis F.C1v1Champions F.C
Oasis F.C2v0Beach City
Oasis F.C0v1Barcelona F.C
Oasis F.C0v0Aidan's World
Barcelona F.C0v2Steven's World
Barcelona F.C2v0Roaring Lego
Barcelona F.C2v0Oasis F.C
Barcelona F.C1v1Norway City
Barcelona F.C1v0Normal Town
Barcelona F.C1v0Lego Town
Barcelona F.C1v0Forest Town
Barcelona F.C1v1Fire Station
Barcelona F.C1v3Eastside United
Barcelona F.C1v3Downtown United
Barcelona F.C1v1Champions F.C
Barcelona F.C2v0Beach City
Barcelona F.C2v1Aidan's World
Fire Station1v2Steven's World
Fire Station1v0Roaring Lego
Fire Station1v0Oasis F.C
Fire Station1v1Norway City
Fire Station2v0Normal Town
Fire Station2v0Lego Town
Fire Station2v0Forest Town
Fire Station2v3Eastside United
Fire Station2v2Downtown United
Fire Station2v1Champions F.C
Fire Station2v0Beach City
Fire Station2v0Barcelona F.C
Fire Station2v0Aidan's World
Champions F.C1v2Steven's World
Champions F.C1v1Roaring Lego
Champions F.C1v1Oasis F.C
Champions F.C1v0Norway City
Champions F.C2v0Normal Town
Champions F.C2v0Lego Town
Champions F.C2v0Forest Town
Champions F.C0v0Fire Station
Champions F.C1v1Eastside United
Champions F.C1v1Downtown United
Champions F.C2v0Beach City
Champions F.C1v1Barcelona F.C
Champions F.C1v0Aidan's World
Norway City1v1Steven's World
Norway City2v0Roaring Lego
Norway City2v0Oasis F.C
Norway City2v0Normal Town
Norway City2v0Lego Town
Norway City2v0Forest Town
Norway City2v0Fire Station
Norway City1v0Eastside United
Norway City1v0Downtown United
Norway City3v2Champions F.C
Norway City3v0Beach City
Norway City3v1Barcelona F.C
Norway City2v0Aidan's World
Downtown United1v1Steven's World
Downtown United2v0Roaring Lego
Downtown United2v0Oasis F.C
Downtown United2v1Norway City
Downtown United2v0Normal Town
Downtown United2v0Lego Town
Downtown United2v0Forest Town
Downtown United2v0Fire Station
Downtown United2v2Eastside United
Downtown United2v0Champions F.C
Downtown United4v0Beach City
Downtown United2v0Barcelona F.C
Downtown United2v0Aidan's World
Steven's World4v0Roaring Lego
Steven's World4v1Oasis F.C
Steven's World1v1Norway City
Steven's World2v0Normal Town
Steven's World4v0Lego Town
Steven's World2v0Forest Town
Steven's World2v0Fire Station
Steven's World0v0Eastside United
Steven's World1v1Downtown United
Steven's World2v0Champions F.C
Steven's World4v0Beach City
Steven's World3v0Barcelona F.C
Steven's World3v1Aidan's World
Eastside United1v1Steven's World
Eastside United2v0Roaring Lego
Eastside United2v0Oasis F.C
Eastside United2v1Norway City
Eastside United3v0Normal Town
Eastside United3v0Lego Town
Eastside United3v0Forest Town
Eastside United3v1Fire Station
Eastside United2v2Downtown United
Eastside United1v0Champions F.C
Eastside United4v0Beach City
Eastside United2v0Barcelona F.C
Eastside United2v0Aidan's World
Aidan's World0v2Steven's World
Aidan's World1v0Roaring Lego
Aidan's World1v0Oasis F.C
Aidan's World1v3Norway City
Aidan's World3v1Normal Town
Aidan's World3v1Lego Town
Aidan's World2v1Forest Town
Aidan's World1v1Fire Station
Aidan's World1v3Eastside United
Aidan's World1v2Downtown United
Aidan's World1v1Champions F.C
Aidan's World2v0Beach City
Aidan's World1v1Barcelona F.C

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