Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Ajay Gohil (SL) 33003010209
2Terry Allen (SL) 4301322849
3Brendan Colyer (M) 22002010106
4Marc Anderson (SL) 2101181263
5Jamie Singh 31022026-63
6Kavi Strife (M) 41032232-103
7Wes Ferris (M)2002820-120
8Dean Robinson (SL) 2002820-120

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Terry Allen (SL) 10v4Kavi Strife (M)
Ajay Gohil (SL) 10v6Kavi Strife (M)
Terry Allen (SL) 10v9Jamie Singh
Terry Allen (SL) 10v5Dean Robinson (SL)
Marc Anderson (SL) 8v10Brendan Colyer (M)
Marc Anderson (SL) 10v2Terry Allen (SL)
Jamie Singh 10v6Wes Ferris (M)
Kavi Strife (M) 10v2Wes Ferris (M)
Ajay Gohil (SL) 10v3Dean Robinson (SL)
Kavi Strife (M) 2v10Brendan Colyer (M)
Ajay Gohil (SL) 10v1Jamie Singh

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