Lakeshore Mixed League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Windsor Mobile Esthetic 1511132711729934
2Cavalier Tool1511042872454233
3The Great Outdoors 1510052291943530
4Farhat & Associates 159062602283227
5Maple Leaf Homes159062832582527
6The Lakeshore Observer 15717219210922
7Windsor Industrial Service 15609202226-2418
8Tim Campbell Realty 155010222272-5015
9Extreme FX153012219291-729
10Expert Tire153012196292-969

Viewed 1985 times

The Great Outdoors 18v5Expert Tire
Expert Tire16v7Windsor Industrial Service
Cavalier Tool24v18Maple Leaf Homes
The Lakeshore Observer 11v9Farhat & Associates
Extreme FX6v4The Great Outdoors
Tim Campbell Realty 19v7Windsor Mobile Esthetic
The Lakeshore Observer 8v8Windsor Mobile Esthetic
Maple Leaf Homes15v10Farhat & Associates
Windsor Industrial Service 2v13Cavalier Tool
Extreme FX11v14Tim Campbell Realty
Maple Leaf Homes18v5Expert Tire
Maple Leaf Homes25v15Expert Tire
Farhat & Associates 9v12The Great Outdoors
Farhat & Associates 16v11The Great Outdoors
Tim Campbell Realty 7v6Windsor Industrial Service
Tim Campbell Realty 12v13Windsor Industrial Service
Cavalier Tool8v5The Lakeshore Observer
Cavalier Tool11v6The Lakeshore Observer
Extreme FX4v16Windsor Mobile Esthetic
Extreme FX5v9Windsor Mobile Esthetic
Extreme FX10v25The Lakeshore Observer
Expert Tire10v26Cavalier Tool
Windsor Industrial Service 12v17Farhat & Associates
The Great Outdoors 27v13Windsor Mobile Esthetic
Maple Leaf Homes26v20Tim Campbell Realty
Maple Leaf Homes11v13The Great Outdoors
The Lakeshore Observer 13v15Tim Campbell Realty
Farhat & Associates 19v16Expert Tire
Windsor Mobile Esthetic 17v15Windsor Industrial Service
Cavalier Tool14v9Extreme FX
Expert Tire10v19Windsor Mobile Esthetic
Expert Tire17v15Windsor Mobile Esthetic
The Great Outdoors 13v12Tim Campbell Realty
The Great Outdoors 18v6Tim Campbell Realty
Cavalier Tool20v24Farhat & Associates
Cavalier Tool14v10Farhat & Associates
Maple Leaf Homes14v22The Lakeshore Observer
Maple Leaf Homes13v12The Lakeshore Observer
Windsor Industrial Service 14v9Extreme FX
Windsor Industrial Service 18v12Extreme FX
The Great Outdoors 11v8Windsor Industrial Service
Extreme FX31v26Maple Leaf Homes
The Lakeshore Observer 18v6Expert Tire
Windsor Mobile Esthetic 25v13Farhat & Associates
Cavalier Tool23v13Tim Campbell Realty
The Great Outdoors 20v8The Lakeshore Observer
Farhat & Associates 32v15Tim Campbell Realty
Extreme FX19v20Expert Tire
Windsor Industrial Service 21v16Maple Leaf Homes
Cavalier Tool10v26Windsor Mobile Esthetic
Cavalier Tool19v13The Great Outdoors
The Lakeshore Observer 23v8Windsor Industrial Service
Windsor Mobile Esthetic 13v0Maple Leaf Homes
Farhat & Associates 21v15Extreme FX
Tim Campbell Realty 22v12Expert Tire
Extreme FX28v27Tim Campbell Realty
Windsor Mobile Esthetic 36v4The Lakeshore Observer
Maple Leaf Homes26v22Farhat & Associates
The Great Outdoors 19v17Expert Tire
Cavalier Tool14v29Windsor Industrial Service
Maple Leaf Homes16v7Tim Campbell Realty
The Lakeshore Observer 28v26Extreme FX
Windsor Mobile Esthetic 25v9The Great Outdoors
Farhat & Associates 28v22Windsor Industrial Service
Cavalier Tool34v26Expert Tire
Windsor Mobile Esthetic 17v12Windsor Industrial Service
The Lakeshore Observer 29v14Tim Campbell Realty
Cavalier Tool33v26Extreme FX
Farhat & Associates 18v7Expert Tire
Maple Leaf Homes31v19The Great Outdoors
The Great Outdoors 22v8Extreme FX
Farhat & Associates 12v7The Lakeshore Observer
Windsor Mobile Esthetic 25v19Tim Campbell Realty
Windsor Industrial Service 15v14Expert Tire
Cavalier Tool24v28Maple Leaf Homes

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