Ladzio Top Goalscorer!

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Sam Carter11003031
2Nathan Harper11003031
3Scott Bennett11001011
5Damion Limb310212-11
6Jack Bullock 210113-21
7Rob Needham00000000
8Karl Wardle00000000
9Adam Tresize00000000
10Gareth King00000000
11Marcus Spicer100101-10
12Isaac Woodward100101-10
13Lee Cutler100103-30
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Scott Bennett1v0Damion Limb
Extras1v0Isaac Woodward
Jack Bullock 1v0Damion Limb
Damion Limb1v0Marcus Spicer
Sam Carter3v0Lee Cutler
Nathan Harper3v0Jack Bullock

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