Lads Liga

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Zainal Shah Alam Rahim1290329141527
2Hasfi Buhary1081126161025
3Mohamed Khabir126151714319
4Faris Kassim125342424018
5Syam Roslan122282230-88
6Khyrul Noor Redhza8215916-77
7Ridwan Idris101271427-135

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Zainal Shah Alam Rahim2v1Mohamed Khabir
Zainal Shah Alam Rahim1v0Mohamed Khabir
Khyrul Noor Redhza1v0Mohamed Khabir
Khyrul Noor Redhza0v2Mohamed Khabir
Faris Kassim1v2Zainal Shah Alam Rahim
Faris Kassim3v2Zainal Shah Alam Rahim
Zainal Shah Alam Rahim1v2Syam Roslan
Zainal Shah Alam Rahim3v2Syam Roslan
Zainal Shah Alam Rahim1v2Hasfi Buhary
Zainal Shah Alam Rahim5v2Hasfi Buhary
Faris Kassim1v3Hasfi Buhary
Faris Kassim2v4Hasfi Buhary
Ridwan Idris0v1Hasfi Buhary
Ridwan Idris3v5Hasfi Buhary
Mohamed Khabir0v3Hasfi Buhary
Mohamed Khabir1v2Hasfi Buhary
Zainal Shah Alam Rahim3v0Ridwan Idris
Zainal Shah Alam Rahim3v1Ridwan Idris
Faris Kassim2v2Ridwan Idris
Faris Kassim2v2Ridwan Idris
Syam Roslan4v5Ridwan Idris
Syam Roslan4v0Ridwan Idris
Mohamed Khabir1v0Ridwan Idris
Mohamed Khabir2v1Ridwan Idris
Faris Kassim2v1Syam Roslan
Faris Kassim4v1Syam Roslan
Mohamed Khabir2v0Faris Kassim
Mohamed Khabir1v1Faris Kassim
Zainal Shah Alam Rahim1v0Khyrul Noor Redhza
Zainal Shah Alam Rahim5v0Khyrul Noor Redhza
Syam Roslan1v1Hasfi Buhary
Syam Roslan2v3Hasfi Buhary
Syam Roslan1v1Khyrul Noor Redhza
Syam Roslan1v3Khyrul Noor Redhza
Syam Roslan1v3Mohamed Khabir
Syam Roslan2v4Mohamed Khabir
Faris Kassim4v3Khyrul Noor Redhza
Faris Kassim2v1Khyrul Noor Redhza

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