Ladies Masters

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1All Over It88003398025932
3Sound Effects861124012311726
4Beach Bums8404187195-816
5Beach Rough Alice8305189239-5012
6No Dig'gity8305154227-7312
7Pink Ladies8305161241-8012
8Blockalicious 8107142245-1034
9Dirty 30's8107143340-1974

Viewed 149 times

MissBHaven29v20Pink Ladies
Pink Ladies28v12Beach Bums
Blockalicious 20v24No Dig'gity
Beach Bums18v32MissBHaven
All Over It42v6No Dig'gity
Beach Rough Alice23v24Beach Bums
Blockalicious 25v26Dirty 30's
Beach Rough Alice11v35Sound Effects
Blockalicious 9v33Sound Effects
Pink Ladies17v26No Dig'gity
All Over It48v16Beach Rough Alice
All Over It48v8Dirty 30's
MissBHaven63v12Dirty 30's
MissBHaven44v21Beach Rough Alice
Pink Ladies7v55All Over It
All Over It40v10Beach Bums
Pink Ladies30v28Dirty 30's
Sound Effects24v10No Dig'gity
Blockalicious 19v28Beach Rough Alice
MissBHaven40v6No Dig'gity
Sound Effects32v13Beach Bums
Blockalicious 7v49All Over It
Sound Effects49v16Dirty 30's
Pink Ladies24v20Beach Rough Alice
Beach Bums35v14Blockalicious
Sound Effects41v15Pink Ladies
Dirty 30's11v41Beach Bums
Beach Bums34v15No Dig'gity
Blockalicious 18v30MissBHaven
No Dig'gity25v28Beach Rough Alice
Dirty 30's20v42Beach Rough Alice
MissBHaven16v24All Over It
No Dig'gity42v22Dirty 30's
All Over It33v10Sound Effects
Pink Ladies20v30Blockalicious
Sound Effects16v16MissBHaven

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