Ladies C

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Randoms 18112573454818648
3Setting Ducks1811167116971446
4Screaming Banschees1810176866434342
5Goal Diggers167186475826530
7Tooth Fairies180018534868-3340

Viewed 113 times

Randoms 30v30Screaming Banschees
Setting Ducks49v33Screaming Banschees
Tooth Fairies30v45Randoms
Setsy34v44Setting Ducks
Yirara65v28Tooth Fairies
Goal Diggers38v39Setsy
Goal Diggers34v43Yirara
Setting Ducks49v34Setsy
Tooth Fairies35v45Setsy
Screaming Banschees36v48Setting Ducks
Goal Diggers56v31Tooth Fairies
Randoms 40v29Screaming Banschees
Yirara31v42Goal Diggers
Goal Diggers39v39Setting Ducks
Randoms 61v21Setting Ducks
Tooth Fairies30v48Goal Diggers
Screaming Banschees46v33Randoms
Yirara41v32Tooth Fairies
Setsy0v7Screaming Banschees
Randoms 43v29Tooth Fairies
Setting Ducks40v39Tooth Fairies
Goal Diggers37v35Randoms
Setsy37v38Setting Ducks
Yirara37v35Goal Diggers
Screaming Banschees44v42Setsy
Screaming Banschees44v42Yirara
Setting Ducks51v32Screaming Banschees
Goal Diggers21v64Screaming Banschees
Randoms 33v50Setting Ducks
Setsy41v36Goal Diggers
Tooth Fairies18v49Randoms
Yirara51v39Tooth Fairies
Setsy41v38Goal Diggers
Setting Ducks34v42Goal Diggers
Screaming Banschees45v33Setsy
Tooth Fairies32v50Setting Ducks
Randoms 32v50Screaming Banschees
Randoms 7v5Tooth Fairies
Randoms 48v23Setting Ducks
Tooth Fairies34v41Setting Ducks
Screaming Banschees73v20Tooth Fairies
Yirara49v31Screaming Banschees
Setting Ducks29v42Screaming Banschees
Goal Diggers52v25Screaming Banschees
Randoms 53v21Setting Ducks
Setsy20v64Goal Diggers
Tooth Fairies21v61Randoms
Yirara49v46Tooth Fairies
Tooth Fairies24v57Randoms
Goal Diggers37v41Randoms
Setsy47v41Tooth Fairies
Screaming Banschees31v28Goal Diggers
Setting Ducks44v24Screaming Banschees
Setting Ducks40v44Yirara

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