Ladies B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Kiss My Ace18140466739427356
2Pink Panthers18140464747317456
3Block Party18131457241415854
4Angie's Team18110759647312344
5Flying Penguins18909522553-3136
6The Others186012489579-9024
7Bunch Of Slets182115464755-29110
86 Pack182016346662-3168

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Kiss My Ace31v12The Others
Block Party36v19The Others
Pink Panthers25v40Kiss My Ace
Angie's Team26v35Block Party
Bunch Of Slets28v49Pink Panthers
Flying Penguins19v51Angie's Team
6 Pack28v25Bunch Of Slets
6 Pack21v37Flying Penguins
Kiss My Ace44v15Flying Penguins
Bunch Of Slets28v45Flying Penguins
Pink Panthers29v22Kiss My Ace
Angie's Team51v16Bunch Of Slets
Block Party34v13Pink Panthers
6 Pack14v45Angie's Team
The Others13v40Block Party
The Others49v176 Pack
Angie's Team10v0Flying Penguins
Block Party10v06 Pack
Pink Panthers10v06 Pack
The Others17v43Angie's Team
Flying Penguins39v31Angie's Team
6 Pack23v28The Others
Block Party31v18Flying Penguins
Kiss My Ace62v96 Pack
Pink Panthers32v28Block Party
Bunch Of Slets22v50Kiss My Ace
Bunch Of Slets24v50Pink Panthers
Kiss My Ace23v29Block Party
Bunch Of Slets20v47Block Party
6 Pack24v35Kiss My Ace
Angie's Team25v30Bunch Of Slets
The Others42v196 Pack
Flying Penguins33v34Angie's Team
Pink Panthers36v32The Others
Pink Panthers50v19Flying Penguins
Pink Panthers35v23The Others
Flying Penguins47v16The Others
Bunch Of Slets22v53Pink Panthers
Angie's Team21v40Flying Penguins
Block Party32v32Bunch Of Slets
6 Pack18v50Angie's Team
Kiss My Ace40v14Block Party
Kiss My Ace36v186 Pack
Kiss My Ace30v236 Pack
Bunch Of Slets49v236 Pack
Block Party37v19Kiss My Ace
Bunch Of Slets19v38The Others
Block Party32v19The Others
Flying Penguins36v30Angie's Team
Flying Penguins25v40Pink Panthers
Bunch Of Slets17v54Pink Panthers
Kiss My Ace32v31Block Party
The Others37v27Flying Penguins
The Others16v41Kiss My Ace
Bunch Of Slets37v386 Pack
Pink Panthers43v20Angie's Team
6 Pack31v34Angie's Team
Pink Panthers21v56Kiss My Ace
Flying Penguins29v28Kiss My Ace
Bunch Of Slets19v45Pink Panthers
Angie's Team28v22Flying Penguins
The Others42v31Bunch Of Slets
6 Pack17v41Angie's Team
Block Party32v25The Others
Block Party42v236 Pack
Block Party46v21Bunch Of Slets
Kiss My Ace39v24Bunch Of Slets
Kiss My Ace39v16Block Party
Flying Penguins33v30The Others
Pink Panthers37v31The Others
Angie's Team23v38Flying Penguins
Angie's Team33v25Pink Panthers

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