Ladies A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Box Block18170168319548868
2All Over It18120645930615348
3We Always Get It Up18110751239511744
46 Wise Cousins181107460463-344
5Beach Bums187011288442-15428
7Triple B's 184113336599-26318

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Triple B's 13v36We Always Get It Up
6 Wise Cousins31v30We Always Get It Up
Box Block46v6Triple B's
MANU27v326 Wise Cousins
Beach Bums6v45Box Block
All Over It38v20MANU
MissBHaven22v28Beach Bums
MissBHaven14v53All Over It
MANU14v30Box Block
6 Wise Cousins11v38Box Block
All Over It36v196 Wise Cousins
We Always Get It Up26v24MissBHaven
Triple B's 12v35All Over It
Beach Bums14v30We Always Get It Up
Beach Bums28v16Triple B's
MissBHaven10v0Beach Bums
Beach Bums10v0MissBHaven
Beach Bums10v0All Over It
Beach Bums10v0All Over It
Box Block10v0All Over It
MANU10v0All Over It
Box Block43v12MANU
6 Wise Cousins34v21MANU
We Always Get It Up14v29Box Block
Beach Bums13v306 Wise Cousins
Triple B's 9v35We Always Get It Up
All Over It26v19Beach Bums
MissBHaven19v25Triple B's
MissBHaven13v386 Wise Cousins
6 Wise Cousins9v41Box Block
MANU6v53Box Block
Beach Bums15v286 Wise Cousins
Triple B's 28v24MANU
All Over It28v38Beach Bums
We Always Get It Up8v38Triple B's
We Always Get It Up8v38All Over It
MissBHaven18v336 Wise Cousins
Triple B's 23v286 Wise Cousins
Beach Bums26v21MissBHaven
We Always Get It Up33v24Triple B's
Box Block46v7Beach Bums
All Over It27v23We Always Get It Up
MANU10v51Box Block
We Always Get It Up32v226 Wise Cousins
MissBHaven26v176 Wise Cousins
Triple B's 9v49We Always Get It Up
Box Block43v8Triple B's
Box Block39v18MANU
We Always Get It Up50v20MANU
6 Wise Cousins33v32MANU
MissBHaven14v23We Always Get It Up
Triple B's 22v296 Wise Cousins
Box Block44v12MissBHaven
All Over It44v11Triple B's
All Over It27v14Box Block
MissBHaven9v36Box Block
Beach Bums16v38MissBHaven
We Always Get It Up33v206 Wise Cousins
MANU23v21Beach Bums
All Over It29v23We Always Get It Up
Triple B's 29v29MANU
Triple B's 22v39All Over It
Beach Bums16v34MissBHaven
6 Wise Cousins18v30MissBHaven
We Always Get It Up45v11Beach Bums
MANU13v286 Wise Cousins
All Over It23v14We Always Get It Up
Triple B's 31v28MANU
Box Block29v16All Over It
Box Block46v10Triple B's

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