KH tournament⚽🎯⚾

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Clinical division fc52304229
2Cure international fc42116247
3Kchs fc42116607
4Healthcare fc52126607
5Dso division fc51316516
6Theatre fc501407-71

Viewed 80 times

Healthcare fc3v0Theatre fc
Dso division fc1v1Clinical division fc
Healthcare fc1v3Kchs fc
Theatre fc0v0Dso division fc
Clinical division fc1v0Cure international fc
Clinical division fc0v0Healthcare fc
Kchs fc1v0Theatre fc
Cure international fc1v1Dso division fc
Theatre fc0v1Clinical division fc
Cure international fc3v0Healthcare fc
Dso division fc4v1Kchs fc
Cure international fc2v0Theatre fc
Clinical division fc1v1Kchs fc
Healthcare fc2v0Dso division fc

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