Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Okatenda Boys32227363333073
3Kwenye United32207576314567
4AD Space Dominant32197655292664
5Ministry of Labour32177854411358
6Touch and Pass32176966402657
7Amazon fc32169766462057
8Wetu United32155125955450
9Afrocat Lions321310954322249
10Southern Kings32146124036448
11Flamingo fc3094173137-631
12Likuwa United3292213365-3229
13Ministry of Land3277183655-1928
14Ministry of Education3273223096-6624
16Predators fc3063212658-3221
17Neha Mema2913251773-566

Viewed 911 times

Okatenda Boys2v1Afrocat Lions
Amazon fc2v4Ministry of Labour
AD Space Dominant1v4Wetu United
Afrocat Lions1v1Kwenye United
Southern Kings2v0Ministry of Education
Otjimanangombe1v1Amazon fc
Touch and Pass2v1Likuwa United
Wetu United1v1Ministry of Labour
AD Space Dominant0v2Okatenda Boys
Ministry of Education0v8Touch and Pass
Ministry of Land1v2Otjimanangombe
Ministry of Land0v0Likuwa United
Kwenye United3v1Wetu United
Otjimanangombe1v1Ministry of Labour
Kwenye United3v0Ministry of Education
Okatenda Boys2v0Southern Kings
Amazon fc3v3Ministry of Land
Afrocat Lions3v3Touch and Pass
Southern Kings1v0Afrocat Lions
Kwenye United2v1Likuwa United
Ministry of Labour2v1Ministry of Education
Ministry of Land0v0Kwenye United
Southern Kings0v0Touch and Pass
Ministry of Labour2v1Afrocat Lions
AD Space Dominant1v1Ministry of Education
Ministry of Land2v0Flamingo fc
Kwenye United2v0Avani
Likuwa United2v0Predators fc
Likuwa United2v0Flamingo fc
Ministry of Education2v0Avani
Ministry of Labour2v0Neha Mema
Afrocat Lions2v0Avani
AD Space Dominant2v0Neha Mema
AD Space Dominant2v0Avani
Touch and Pass2v0Neha Mema
Okatenda Boys2v0Avani
Okatenda Boys2v0Neha Mema
Kwenye United2v0Neha Mema
Southern Kings2v0Avani
Ministry of Land2v0Predators fc
Otjimanangombe2v0Predators fc
Wetu United2v0Flamingo fc
Wetu United2v0Avani
Wetu United2v0Predators fc
Amazon fc2v0Predators fc
Amazon fc2v0Flamingo fc
Amazon fc5v0Likuwa United
AD Space Dominant2v1Southern Kings
Kwenye United1v0Otjimanangombe
Ministry of Labour2v1Ministry of Land
Wetu United2v5Touch and Pass
Ministry of Labour7v0Likuwa United
Okatenda Boys3v0Ministry of Education
Southern Kings1v1Kwenye United
Otjimanangombe2v1Touch and Pass
Amazon fc2v3Wetu United
Afrocat Lions2v0Flamingo fc
Amazon fc2v0Avani
Ministry of Education2v0Predators fc
Southern Kings2v0Predators fc
Ministry of Labour2v0Avani
Otjimanangombe2v0Flamingo fc
Okatenda Boys2v0Touch and Pass
AD Space Dominant1v1Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Land1v2Afrocat Lions
Likuwa United2v3Wetu United
Amazon fc1v3Southern Kings
Ministry of Land1v3Wetu United
AD Space Dominant1v1Touch and Pass
Okatenda Boys1v1Kwenye United
Southern Kings2v0Ministry of Labour
Likuwa United1v6Otjimanangombe
Amazon fc1v0Ministry of Education
AD Space Dominant2v0Predators fc
Okatenda Boys2v0Flamingo fc
Wetu United1v6Otjimanangombe
Likuwa United0v2Ministry of Education
AD Space Dominant0v2Kwenye United
Okatenda Boys2v1Ministry of Labour
Neha Mema0v2Otjimanangombe
Avani0v2Touch and Pass
Predators fc0v2Afrocat Lions
Amazon fc2v0Neha Mema
Flamingo fc0v2Ministry of Education
Southern Kings0v0Ministry of Land
Afrocat Lions1v0Likuwa United
Kwenye United8v0Ministry of Labour
Southern Kings2v0Flamingo fc
Likuwa United2v0Neha Mema
Ministry of Land0v0Ministry of Education
Kwenye United3v1Touch and Pass
Afrocat Lions0v1Amazon fc
Touch and Pass2v0Predators fc
Flamingo fc2v1Avani
AD Space Dominant1v0Amazon fc
Ministry of Labour0v2Touch and Pass
Avani4v1Predators fc
AD Space Dominant1v0Flamingo fc
Amazon fc2v2Okatenda Boys
Ministry of Education1v6Otjimanangombe
Wetu United3v0Neha Mema
Okatenda Boys2v1Likuwa United
Wetu United0v1Afrocat Lions
AD Space Dominant3v0Ministry of Land
Okatenda Boys1v0Ministry of Land
Southern Kings0v1Likuwa United
Wetu United5v1Ministry of Education
Otjimanangombe0v0Afrocat Lions
Predators fc0v4Kwenye United
Touch and Pass1v0Flamingo fc
Neha Mema2v1Ministry of Education
Otjimanangombe3v0Southern Kings
Ministry of Labour1v1Predators fc
Touch and Pass1v0Amazon fc
Ministry of Land0v0Avani
AD Space Dominant4v2Likuwa United
Otjimanangombe0v0Okatenda Boys
Southern Kings2v2Wetu United
Afrocat Lions5v1Neha Mema
Kwenye United1v0Flamingo fc
Touch and Pass2v1Ministry of Land
AD Space Dominant1v2Otjimanangombe
Okatenda Boys2v1Wetu United
Neha Mema1v3Southern Kings
Afrocat Lions10v2Ministry of Education
Okatenda Boys2v0Predators fc
Ministry of Land5v2Neha Mema
Ministry of Labour2v0Flamingo fc
Avani2v1Likuwa United
Amazon fc2v2Kwenye United
AD Space Dominant1v0Afrocat Lions
Flamingo fc4v0Neha Mema
Otjimanangombe3v2Kwenye United
Predators fc3v0Ministry of Education
Ministry of Labour2v0Likuwa United
Otjimanangombe2v1Touch and Pass
Flamingo fc1v1Predators fc
Ministry of Labour0v2Amazon fc
Kwenye United3v0Ministry of Land
Touch and Pass2v2Likuwa United
AD Space Dominant1v1Wetu United
Okatenda Boys6v1Neha Mema
Southern Kings0v1Ministry of Education
Amazon fc2v1Predators fc
AD Space Dominant1v0Touch and Pass
Kwenye United3v1Likuwa United
Ministry of Labour0v1Ministry of Land
Okatenda Boys4v3Ministry of Education
Avani3v0Wetu United
Ministry of Land4v2Predators fc
Neha Mema1v2AD Space Dominant
Southern Kings2v1Afrocat Lions
Amazon fc1v2Flamingo fc
Flamingo fc0v0Ministry of Land
Wetu United3v2Touch and Pass
Neha Mema2v2Avani
AD Space Dominant6v0Ministry of Education
Afrocat Lions4v0Okatenda Boys
Okatenda Boys2v0Southern Kings
Touch and Pass3v1Neha Mema
Ministry of Land1v3AD Space Dominant
Kwenye United4v1Wetu United
Predators fc1v0Likuwa United
Ministry of Education2v0Avani
AD Space Dominant0v0Southern Kings
Amazon fc2v1Ministry of Land
Flamingo fc3v0Likuwa United
Otjimanangombe3v1Predators fc
Afrocat Lions1v1Avani
Kwenye United1v0Neha Mema
Touch and Pass3v1Ministry of Education
Wetu United0v1Ministry of Labour
AD Space Dominant3v1Okatenda Boys
Southern Kings1v0Avani
Likuwa United0v6Amazon fc
Flamingo fc0v1Otjimanangombe
Predators fc2v1Wetu United
Ministry of Labour1v1Neha Mema
Kwenye United5v2Ministry of Education
Okatenda Boys2v1Avani
Flamingo fc1v0Afrocat Lions
Touch and Pass3v2Southern Kings
Predators fc1v0Neha Mema
Likuwa United1v0Ministry of Land
Amazon fc1v0Otjimanangombe
Flamingo fc2v1Wetu United
Ministry of Education0v4Ministry of Labour
Afrocat Lions1v1Kwenye United
Afrocat Lions1v3Ministry of Labour
AD Space Dominant4v1Avani
Okatenda Boys1v0Touch and Pass
Southern Kings1v2Kwenye United
Ministry of Land1v3Otjimanangombe
Amazon fc3v2Wetu United
Likuwa United0v2Otjimanangombe
Kwenye United2v2Okatenda Boys
Wetu United6v3Ministry of Land
Amazon fc2v0Neha Mema
Flamingo fc9v1Ministry of Education
Afrocat Lions1v3Predators fc
Avani1v4Touch and Pass
Afrocat Lions2v2Touch and Pass
Ministry of Education1v1Wetu United
Southern Kings0v1Ministry of Labour
Otjimanangombe4v0Ministry of Education
Avani0v2Kwenye United
Okatenda Boys2v2Ministry of Labour
Predators fc4v1Southern Kings
Amazon fc5v2Ministry of Education
Likuwa United1v2Wetu United
Okatenda Boys2v1Predators fc
Ministry of Labour0v2AD Space Dominant
Flamingo fc1v2Southern Kings
Otjimanangombe0v1Wetu United
Likuwa United4v1Neha Mema
AD Space Dominant3v2Kwenye United
Ministry of Land2v0Ministry of Education
Kwenye United2v3Touch and Pass
Amazon fc2v2Afrocat Lions
Okatenda Boys0v0Flamingo fc
Ministry of Labour1v3Avani
AD Space Dominant1v1Predators fc
Otjimanangombe4v0Neha Mema
Southern Kings1v1Amazon fc
Likuwa United2v0Ministry of Education
Afrocat Lions2v0Ministry of Land
Southern Kings2v1Ministry of Land
Predators fc1v3Avani
AD Space Dominant2v1Flamingo fc
Okatenda Boys4v4Amazon fc
Ministry of Labour2v1Touch and Pass
Wetu United1v0Neha Mema
Neha Mema1v1Afrocat Lions
Kwenye United3v4Ministry of Labour
Touch and Pass4v0Predators fc
Avani2v2Flamingo fc
AD Space Dominant1v1Amazon fc
Okatenda Boys2v0Ministry of Land
Southern Kings0v2Likuwa United
Otjimanangombe1v1Afrocat Lions
Kwenye United2v1Predators fc
Touch and Pass0v2Flamingo fc
Avani2v4Amazon fc
Southern Kings0v2Otjimanangombe
Okatenda Boys3v2Likuwa United
Neha Mema1v2Ministry of Education
Wetu United0v0Afrocat Lions
AD Space Dominant3v0Likuwa United
Touch and Pass2v2Amazon fc
Ministry of Labour1v1Otjimanangombe
Avani5v2Ministry of Land
Likuwa United0v1Afrocat Lions
Ministry of Labour2v1Predators fc
Southern Kings3v1Wetu United
Kwenye United0v1Flamingo fc
Touch and Pass3v1Ministry of Land
AD Space Dominant0v2Otjimanangombe
Okatenda Boys2v3Wetu United
Southern Kings4v1Neha Mema
Ministry of Education0v4Afrocat Lions
Okatenda Boys1v0Otjimanangombe
Ministry of Land2v1Neha Mema
Flamingo fc0v2Ministry of Labour
Avani0v2Likuwa United
Kwenye United6v0Amazon fc
AD Space Dominant0v1Afrocat Lions

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