Jewsons doms league a

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Nomads 1070382681414
2Cellars 106047971812
3Eastway 106047074-412
4All stars 1050579651410
5Sun a 105057773410
6Trafalgar 105057377-410
7New tavern 105056783-1610
8Newlands 104067278-68
9Dickens 104067278-68
10Commercial 103077377-46

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Cellars 7v8Newlands
Dickens 6v9Sun a
New tavern 9v6Nomads
Eastway 0v9All stars
Trafalgar 6v9Commercial
Newlands 5v10Trafalgar
All stars 5v10Commercial
New tavern 8v7Eastway
Dickens 5v10Nomads
Cellars 8v7Sun a
Sun a 9v6Newlands
Nomads 8v7Cellars
Eastway 9v6Dickens
Commercial 4v11New tavern
Trafalgar 8v7All stars
Newlands 7v8All stars
New tavern 5v10Trafalgar
Dickens 9v6Commercial
Cellars 7v8Eastway
Sun a 6v9Nomads
All stars 13v2New tavern
Nomads 11v4Newlands
Eastway 8v7Sun a
Commercial 7v8Cellars
Trafalgar 4v11Dickens
Cellars 10v5Trafalgar
Newlands 12v3New tavern
All stars 9v6Dickens
Sun a 8v7Commercial
Nomads 9v6Eastway
All stars 6v9Cellars
New tavern 9v6Dickens
Eastway 9v6Newlands
Commercial 7v8Nomads
Trafalgar 7v8Sun a
Eastway 6v9Commercial
Commercial 7v8Trafalgar
Newlands 7v8Dickens
Cellars 8v7New tavern
Sun a 6v9All stars
Nomads 7v8Trafalgar
Commercial 7v8Newlands
Trafalgar 7v8Eastway
Dickens 6v9Cellars
New tavern 4v11Sun a
All stars 7v8Nomads
Newlands 9v6Cellars
Sun a 6v9Dickens
Nomads 6v9New tavern
All stars 6v9Eastway

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