Jewsons darts league b

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1United sports 11100188335520
2Poachers 1290378492918
3Scarborough Arms 1290377502718
4Homegaurd 1270577552214
5Bar2b 117046160114
6Albert 115065467-1310
7Scholars 112094180-394
8Tap&spile 1220104389-464
9Sun b 1210114884-362

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United sports 9v2Sun b
Scholars 2v9Scarborough Arms
Poachers 6v5Bar2b
Tap&spile 2v9Homegaurd
Scarborough Arms 4v7United sports
Sun b 3v8Tap&spile
Homegaurd 6v5Poachers
Bar2b 7v4Albert
Albert 6v5Homegaurd
Poachers 7v4Sun b
United sports 9v2Scholars
Bar2b 1v10Scarborough Arms
Scholars 5v6Tap&spile
Scarborough Arms 7v4Poachers
Sun b 5v6Albert
Bar2b 4v7Homegaurd
Sun b 4v7Bar2b
Scarborough Arms 6v5Albert
Scholars 3v8Poachers
United sports 11v0Tap&spile
Tap&spile 3v8Scarborough Arms
Poachers 7v4United sports
Albert 6v5Scholars
Homegaurd 7v4Sun b
Scarborough Arms 7v4Homegaurd
Scholars 3v8Bar2b
United sports 10v1Albert
Tap&spile 2v9Poachers
Sun b 4v7Scarborough Arms
Albert 6v5Tap&spile
Bar2b 5v6United sports
Homegaurd 10v1Scholars
Sun b 5v6Scholars
United sports 8v3Homegaurd
Tap&spile 5v6Bar2b
Poachers 7v4Albert
Sun b 4v7United sports
Scarborough Arms 8v3Scholars
Bar2b 6v5Poachers
Homegaurd 9v2Tap&spile
United sports 9v2Scarborough Arms
Tap&spile 5v6Sun b
Poachers 7v4Homegaurd
Albert 5v6Bar2b
Homegaurd 8v3Albert
Sun b 4v7Poachers
Scholars 3v8United sports
Scarborough Arms 9v2Tap&spile
Tap&spile 3v8Scholars
Poachers 6v0Scarborough Arms
Homegaurd 5v6Bar2b
Albert 8v3Sun b

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