Jewsons darts league a

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1All stars151401118427628
2Trafalgar 151203111545724
4Sun a 15100597682920
5Newlands 159068679718
6Nomads 1580790751516
7Commercial 15401161104-438
8New tavern15401156109-538
9Dickens 15301251114-636
10Eastway 15001543117-740

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New tavern2v9All stars
Newlands 6v5Nomads
Sun a 9v2Eastway
Dickens 4v7Trafalgar
New tavern2v9Newlands
All stars8v3Dickens
Trafalgar 8v3Cellars
Commercial 5v6Sun a
Eastway 4v7Nomads
Cellars5v6All stars
Dickens 5v6New tavern
Newlands 7v4Eastway
Nomads 8v3Commercial
Sun a 6v5Trafalgar
Dickens 7v4Newlands
New tavern0v11Cellars
All stars8v3Sun a
Trafalgar 7v4Nomads
Commercial 6v5Eastway
Sun a 7v4New tavern
Eastway 2v9Trafalgar
Newlands 5v6Commercial
Nomads 6v5All stars
Trafalgar 9v2Commercial
Dickens 1v10Sun a
New tavern3v8Nomads
Eastway 0v6All stars
Newlands 5v6Trafalgar
All stars10v1Commercial
New tavern6v5Eastway
Dickens 3v8Nomads
Cellars7v4Sun a
Eastway 4v7Dickens
Sun a 9v2Newlands
Nomads 4v7Cellars
Commercial 3v8New tavern
Trafalgar 5v6All stars
Newlands 2v9All stars
New tavern2v9Trafalgar
Dickens 6v5Commercial
Sun a 7v4Nomads
All stars7v4New tavern
Nomads 5v6Newlands
Eastway 2v9Sun a
Commercial 3v8Cellars
Trafalgar 9v2Dickens
Newlands 9v2New tavern
All stars9v2Dickens
Sun a 5v6Commercial
Nomads 10v1Eastway
All stars8v3Cellars
New tavern8v3Dickens
Eastway 4v7Newlands
Commercial 4v7Nomads
Trafalgar 7v4Sun a
Commercial 4v7Trafalgar
Newlands 6v5Cellars
Sun a 8v3Dickens
Nomads 9v2New tavern
All stars10v1Eastway
Commercial 5v6Newlands
Trafalgar 9v2Eastway
Dickens 1v10Cellars
New tavern3v8Sun a
All stars8v3Nomads
Newlands 9v2Dickens
Cellars7v4New tavern
Sun a 2v9All stars
Nomads 2v9Trafalgar
Eastway 4v7Commercial

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