Jewsons captains cup B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1United sports 1211011111022
2Homegaurd 1390494518
3Sun b1370676114
4Scarborough Arms 1370676114
5Bar2b 1250757-210
6Poachers 1350858-310
7Tap&spile 1240848-48
8Albert 1240848-48
9Scholars 1240848-48

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Albert 0v1Poachers
Scarborough Arms 1v0Bar2b
Sun b0v1Scholars
Homegaurd 0v1United sports
United sports 1v0Sun b
Scholars 0v1Scarborough Arms
Poachers 1v0Bar2b
Tap&spile 1v0Homegaurd
Scarborough Arms 0v1United sports
Sun b0v1Tap&spile
Homegaurd 1v0Poachers
Bar2b 1v0Albert
Poachers 0v1Sun b
United sports 1v0Scholars
Bar2b 1v0Scarborough Arms
Albert 0v1Homegaurd
Scholars 0v1Tap&spile
Scarborough Arms 1v0Poachers
Sun b1v0Albert
Bar2b 0v1Homegaurd
Sun b1v0Bar2b
Scarborough Arms 0v1Albert
Scholars 1v0Poachers
United sports 1v0Tap&spile
Tap&spile 0v1Scarborough Arms
Poachers 0v1United sports
Albert 1v0Scholars
Homegaurd 1v0Sun b
Scarborough Arms 1v0Homegaurd
Scholars 0v1Bar2b
United sports 1v0Albert
Tap&spile 0v1Poachers
Sun b0v1Scarborough Arms
Albert 1v0Tap&spile
Bar2b 0v1United sports
Homegaurd 1v0Scholars
Sun b1v0Scholars
United sports 0v1Homegaurd
Tap&spile 1v0Bar2b
Poachers 1v0Albert
Sun b0v1United sports
Scarborough Arms 0v1Scholars
Bar2b 1v0Poachers
Homegaurd 1v0Tap&spile
Scarborough Arms 1v0Tap&spile
United sports 1v0Scarborough Arms
Tap&spile 0v1Sun b
Poachers 0v1Homegaurd
Albert 0v1Bar2b
Homegaurd 0v1Albert
Sun b1v0Poachers
Scholars 0v1United sports
Tap&spile 0v1Scholars
Poachers 1v0Scarborough Arms
Albert 0v1Sun b
Homegaurd 1v0Bar2b

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