Jewsons captains cup a

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1All stars 1080282616
2Sun a 1060464212
3Dickens 1060464212
4Trafalgar 1050555010
5Nomads 1050555010
6Newlands 1050555010
7Cellars 1050555010
8New tavern 1040646-28
9Eastway 1030737-46
10Commercial 1030737-46

Viewed 458 times

Cellars 1v0Newlands
Dickens 0v1Sun a
New tavern 0v1Nomads
Trafalgar 1v0Commercial
Eastway 0v1All stars
Newlands 0v1Trafalgar
All stars 1v0Commercial
New tavern 1v0Eastway
Dickens 0v1Nomads
Cellars 0v1Sun a
Sun a 0v1Newlands
Nomads 0v1Cellars
Eastway 0v1Dickens
Commercial 1v0New tavern
Trafalgar 1v0All stars
Newlands 1v0All stars
New tavern 1v0Trafalgar
Dickens 1v0Commercial
Cellars 1v0Eastway
Sun a 0v1Nomads
Trafalgar 0v1Dickens
All stars 1v0New tavern
Nomads 1v0Newlands
Eastway 0v1Sun a
Commercial 1v0Cellars
Newlands 1v0New tavern
All stars 1v0Dickens
Cellars 1v0Trafalgar
Sun a 1v0Commercial
Nomads 0v1Eastway
All stars 1v0Cellars
New tavern 1v0Dickens
Eastway 0v1Newlands
Commercial 0v1Nomads
Trafalgar 0v1Sun a
Newlands 0v1Dickens
Cellars 1v0New tavern
Sun a 0v1All stars
Nomads 0v1Trafalgar
Eastway 1v0Commercial
Trafalgar 0v1Eastway
New tavern 0v1Sun a
Commercial 1v0Newlands
Dickens 1v0Cellars
All stars 1v0Nomads
Newlands 1v0Cellars
Sun a 0v1Dickens
Nomads 0v1New tavern
All stars 1v0Eastway
Commercial 0v1Trafalgar

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