Hilbillies singles league 2019

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Jamie Rodgers201532112625048
2Michael Shepherd201442107644346
3Mark O’Donnell201433106624445
4Kyle Lavelle201334106733342
5Lee Osborne 201244106703640
6Lloyd Gayle201244105693640
7Gaz Wright201064103742936
8Kiel Ramsden201136101722936
9Martin Lees2098399811835
10Dean Charlton20103795771833
11Chris Roche2095697851232
12Danny Hart208488286-428
13Jack Lewis2081118395-1225
14Matthew Lees206689393024
15Simon Bennett2064107397-2422
16Alex Carroll20521371101-3017
17Trevor Hulley 20451170100-3017
18Alan Wright20151460112-528
19Daniel Donaldson 20151458112-548
20Lewis Unwin20111849113-644
21Ste Ratcliff20111839117-784

Viewed 120 times

Gaz Wright6v1Alex Carroll
Alan Wright5v5Simon Bennett
Jamie Rodgers6v2Kiel Ramsden
Gaz Wright6v2Trevor Hulley
Lewis Unwin6v0Danny Hart
Lloyd Gayle6v1Danny Hart
Lee Osborne 6v2Dean Charlton
Jamie Rodgers5v5Gaz Wright
Dean Charlton6v2Lewis Unwin
Chris Roche5v5Michael Shepherd
Dean Charlton2v6Gaz Wright
Jack Lewis4v6Gaz Wright
Gaz Wright6v2Daniel Donaldson
Ste Ratcliff0v6Alex Carroll
Simon Bennett6v4Alex Carroll
Chris Roche4v6Simon Bennett
Trevor Hulley 6v1Ste Ratcliff
Matthew Lees6v4Lewis Unwin
Dean Charlton6v1Martin Lees
Dean Charlton2v6Mark O’Donnell
Lloyd Gayle6v1Chris Roche
Mark O’Donnell6v4Matthew Lees
Alex Carroll6v4Lewis Unwin
Alan Wright6v3Ste Ratcliff
Alex Carroll1v6Lloyd Gayle
Matthew Lees5v5Gaz Wright
Lee Osborne 5v5Kiel Ramsden
Kyle Lavelle5v5Kiel Ramsden
Jamie Rodgers6v3Lee Osborne
Martin Lees6v2Alex Carroll
Lee Osborne 6v3Alex Carroll
Jack Lewis6v1Lewis Unwin
Danny Hart1v6Jack Lewis
Danny Hart5v5Daniel Donaldson
Daniel Donaldson 4v6Mark O’Donnell
Martin Lees6v1Alan Wright
Lloyd Gayle5v5Daniel Donaldson
Simon Bennett6v3Trevor Hulley
Alex Carroll5v5Mark O’Donnell
Chris Roche5v5Martin Lees
Jamie Rodgers6v1Jack Lewis
Kyle Lavelle6v4Jack Lewis
Mark O’Donnell5v5Danny Hart
Chris Roche6v2Lewis Unwin
Danny Hart6v3Lee Osborne
Kiel Ramsden6v3Jack Lewis
Alan Wright5v5Lloyd Gayle
Lee Osborne 6v1Daniel Donaldson
Lee Osborne 6v4Matthew Lees
Daniel Donaldson 6v3Lewis Unwin
Ste Ratcliff3v6Simon Bennett
Jamie Rodgers6v2Daniel Donaldson
Trevor Hulley 6v3Martin Lees
Martin Lees6v1Daniel Donaldson
Jamie Rodgers5v5Kyle Lavelle
Dean Charlton4v6Kyle Lavelle
Chris Roche2v6Mark O’Donnell
Matthew Lees3v6Kyle Lavelle
Trevor Hulley 4v6Lloyd Gayle
Dean Charlton6v3Kiel Ramsden
Alan Wright5v5Lewis Unwin
Danny Hart5v5Martin Lees
Chris Roche6v4Gaz Wright
Ste Ratcliff3v6Lloyd Gayle
Alan Wright2v6Michael Shepherd
Alan Wright1v6Mark O’Donnell
Kyle Lavelle4v6Danny Hart
Kiel Ramsden6v4Matthew Lees
Ste Ratcliff2v6Martin Lees
Michael Shepherd6v0Daniel Donaldson
Michael Shepherd6v0Trevor Hulley
Lee Osborne 6v3Chris Roche
Lloyd Gayle6v0Simon Bennett
Jamie Rodgers6v3Danny Hart
Michael Shepherd6v2Alex Carroll
Danny Hart6v4Gaz Wright
Kiel Ramsden6v1Danny Hart
Simon Bennett1v6Gaz Wright
Simon Bennett2v6Michael Shepherd
Mark O’Donnell6v0Trevor Hulley
Alan Wright3v6Gaz Wright
Jamie Rodgers3v6Matthew Lees
Daniel Donaldson 3v6Kyle Lavelle
Ste Ratcliff0v6Michael Shepherd
Ste Ratcliff6v4Lewis Unwin
Lee Osborne 6v2Jack Lewis
Trevor Hulley 6v4Lewis Unwin
Chris Roche4v6Kyle Lavelle
Matthew Lees6v2Danny Hart
Martin Lees5v5Simon Bennett
Mark O’Donnell6v1Ste Ratcliff
Kiel Ramsden6v4Alex Carroll
Kyle Lavelle6v2Alex Carroll
Kiel Ramsden6v1Daniel Donaldson
Matthew Lees6v3Daniel Donaldson
Jamie Rodgers6v4Dean Charlton
Mark O’Donnell6v3Gaz Wright
Michael Shepherd6v4Lloyd Gayle
Alan Wright1v6Trevor Hulley
Lee Osborne 6v1Alan Wright
Simon Bennett3v6Mark O’Donnell
Alan Wright4v6Jamie Rodgers
Alan Wright0v6Kyle Lavelle
Martin Lees5v5Lloyd Gayle
Matthew Lees3v6Dean Charlton
Lee Osborne 6v4Trevor Hulley
Chris Roche6v3Kiel Ramsden
Dean Charlton6v4Danny Hart
Dean Charlton6v1Jack Lewis
Lloyd Gayle6v0Mark O’Donnell
Lee Osborne 6v0Ste Ratcliff
Jack Lewis4v6Chris Roche
Jack Lewis6v3Matthew Lees
Simon Bennett6v1Lewis Unwin
Lee Osborne 5v5Simon Bennett
Alan Wright2v6Kiel Ramsden
Kyle Lavelle6v2Trevor Hulley
Jamie Rodgers6v3Alex Carroll
Gaz Wright6v0Ste Ratcliff
Martin Lees5v5Michael Shepherd
Kiel Ramsden6v1Trevor Hulley
Mark O’Donnell6v1Michael Shepherd
Chris Roche5v5Matthew Lees
Chris Roche4v6Jamie Rodgers
Michael Shepherd6v4Lee Osborne
Kyle Lavelle6v3Simon Bennett
Kyle Lavelle6v3Ste Ratcliff
Michael Shepherd6v2Lewis Unwin
Lloyd Gayle6v1Lewis Unwin
Dean Charlton6v1Daniel Donaldson
Jamie Rodgers6v0Trevor Hulley
Jack Lewis5v5Trevor Hulley
Jack Lewis6v4Alex Carroll
Martin Lees6v4Mark O’Donnell
Chris Roche5v5Dean Charlton
Chris Roche6v1Daniel Donaldson
Kiel Ramsden6v1Ste Ratcliff
Martin Lees6v3Lewis Unwin
Chris Roche6v2Danny Hart
Gaz Wright5v5Martin Lees
Kyle Lavelle6v1Lloyd Gayle
Kiel Ramsden6v2Simon Bennett
Gaz Wright6v4Lloyd Gayle
Dean Charlton5v5Alex Carroll
Matthew Lees6v3Alex Carroll
Gaz Wright5v5Michael Shepherd
Jamie Rodgers6v0Ste Ratcliff
Matthew Lees5v5Trevor Hulley
Gaz Wright6v1Lewis Unwin
Jack Lewis6v3Alan Wright
Mark O’Donnell6v0Lewis Unwin
Jack Lewis6v4Daniel Donaldson
Alan Wright5v5Matthew Lees
Ste Ratcliff4v6Jack Lewis
Simon Bennett4v6Jack Lewis
Jamie Rodgers6v0Simon Bennett
Danny Hart6v2Alan Wright
Dean Charlton6v4Alan Wright
Michael Shepherd6v4Kiel Ramsden
Lee Osborne 5v5Lloyd Gayle
Alan Wright5v5Daniel Donaldson
Alex Carroll0v6Danny Hart
Lee Osborne 5v5Martin Lees
Chris Roche6v2Alan Wright
Jamie Rodgers6v2Michael Shepherd
Jamie Rodgers6v4Lloyd Gayle
Lloyd Gayle6v4Kiel Ramsden
Matthew Lees6v0Ste Ratcliff
Lee Osborne 6v3Mark O’Donnell
Dean Charlton5v5Trevor Hulley
Daniel Donaldson 2v6Alex Carroll
Kyle Lavelle3v6Martin Lees
Kyle Lavelle4v6Michael Shepherd
Mark O’Donnell6v2Kyle Lavelle
Dean Charlton6v1Simon Bennett
Michael Shepherd6v3Jack Lewis
Lloyd Gayle6v3Jack Lewis
Lee Osborne 6v2Gaz Wright
Lee Osborne 6v1Lewis Unwin
Trevor Hulley 1v6Danny Hart
Ste Ratcliff0v6Dean Charlton
Alex Carroll2v6Chris Roche
Matthew Lees5v5Simon Bennett
Daniel Donaldson 5v5Trevor Hulley
Kiel Ramsden6v1Martin Lees
Matthew Lees3v6Michael Shepherd
Chris Roche5v5Trevor Hulley
Martin Lees6v4Jamie Rodgers
Kyle Lavelle6v1Lewis Unwin
Danny Hart6v3Ste Ratcliff
Daniel Donaldson 2v6Simon Bennett
Danny Hart6v1Simon Bennett
Mark O’Donnell6v4Kiel Ramsden
Mark O’Donnell5v5Jamie Rodgers
Matthew Lees3v6Lloyd Gayle
Alan Wright3v6Alex Carroll
Kiel Ramsden6v1Lewis Unwin
Michael Shepherd6v2Dean Charlton
Kyle Lavelle5v5Gaz Wright
Lloyd Gayle6v4Dean Charlton
Ste Ratcliff4v6Chris Roche
Jamie Rodgers6v3Lewis Unwin
Lee Osborne 4v6Kyle Lavelle
Alex Carroll6v4Trevor Hulley
Danny Hart5v5Michael Shepherd
Daniel Donaldson 5v5Ste Ratcliff
Martin Lees6v3Jack Lewis
Mark O’Donnell6v2Jack Lewis
Martin Lees5v5Matthew Lees
Kiel Ramsden5v5Gaz Wright

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