HFL 2018

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1CapHorn AC18141341212043
2Blackhorse Rovers AC18106235191636
3Ala Tirika Trains18112538231535
4Lemessi Bunnys AFC189452619731
5L'inta FC Nordel189453024631
6Venuela CF187743026428
7FC Babylonia188462224-228
8C.R. Café Opera 1899187652319427
9Liko AFC CapHorn187563534126
10Globetrotter United186751717025
11Tivoli C.H.P.187383231124
12Sinee FC Halmen186661820-224
13Lundby AFC186482727022
14Denhaw Hobbin186393338-521
15FC Cotedazur184682126-518
16Ratandi CF184682834-618
17Union Leiria1853102838-1018
18"B" CapHorn1843112231-915
19Sevilya Athletica183691933-1415
20Siriko FF1824121940-2110

Viewed 29 times

FC Cotedazur1v0"B" CapHorn
CapHorn AC1v1Lundby AFC
Ala Tirika Trains3v3Tivoli C.H.P.
Ratandi CF3v3Liko AFC CapHorn
Sevilya Athletica3v4FC Babylonia
Blackhorse Rovers AC0v0Globetrotter United
Denhaw Hobbin0v2L'inta FC Nordel
Union Leiria1v1Venuela CF
Lemessi Bunnys AFC2v0C.R. Café Opera 1899
Siriko FF0v0Sinee FC Halmen
FC Cotedazur1v2CapHorn AC
"B" CapHorn0v1Ala Tirika Trains
Lundby AFC3v1Ratandi CF
Tivoli C.H.P.3v1Sevilya Athletica
Liko AFC CapHorn1v3Blackhorse Rovers AC
FC Babylonia0v3Denhaw Hobbin
Globetrotter United1v3Union Leiria
L'inta FC Nordel2v3Lemessi Bunnys AFC
Venuela CF4v1Siriko FF
Sinee FC Halmen0v0C.R. Café Opera 1899
Ala Tirika Trains2v3CapHorn AC
Ratandi CF2v0FC Cotedazur
Sevilya Athletica1v0"B" CapHorn
Blackhorse Rovers AC1v1Lundby AFC
Denhaw Hobbin1v2Tivoli C.H.P.
Union Leiria2v2Liko AFC CapHorn
Lemessi Bunnys AFC0v2FC Babylonia
Siriko FF1v1Globetrotter United
C.R. Café Opera 18991v0L'inta FC Nordel
Venuela CF1v1Sinee FC Halmen
Ala Tirika Trains3v2Ratandi CF
CapHorn AC2v0Sevilya Athletica
FC Cotedazur1v2Blackhorse Rovers AC
"B" CapHorn2v0Denhaw Hobbin
Lundby AFC5v3Union Leiria
Tivoli C.H.P.0v2Lemessi Bunnys AFC
Liko AFC CapHorn3v1Siriko FF
FC Babylonia0v2C.R. Café Opera 1899
Globetrotter United1v1Venuela CF
Sinee FC Halmen0v1L'inta FC Nordel
Lemessi Bunnys AFC2v0"B" CapHorn
L'inta FC Nordel1v1FC Babylonia
Sevilya Athletica1v1Ratandi CF
Blackhorse Rovers AC0v0Ala Tirika Trains
Denhaw Hobbin1v3CapHorn AC
Union Leiria3v2FC Cotedazur
Siriko FF1v1Lundby AFC
C.R. Café Opera 18993v2Tivoli C.H.P.
Venuela CF1v3Liko AFC CapHorn
Globetrotter United1v2Sinee FC Halmen
Sevilya Athletica2v4Blackhorse Rovers AC
Ratandi CF4v3Denhaw Hobbin
Ala Tirika Trains3v2Union Leiria
CapHorn AC0v2Lemessi Bunnys AFC
FC Cotedazur4v2Siriko FF
"B" CapHorn2v2C.R. Café Opera 1899
Lundby AFC3v1Venuela CF
Tivoli C.H.P.3v2L'inta FC Nordel
Liko AFC CapHorn1v1Globetrotter United
Sinee FC Halmen0v0FC Babylonia
Denhaw Hobbin3v3Blackhorse Rovers AC
Union Leiria1v3Sevilya Athletica
Lemessi Bunnys AFC1v1Ratandi CF
Siriko FF0v2Ala Tirika Trains
C.R. Café Opera 18992v0CapHorn AC
Venuela CF4v2FC Cotedazur
L'inta FC Nordel1v1"B" CapHorn
Globetrotter United2v0Lundby AFC
FC Babylonia1v0Tivoli C.H.P.
Liko AFC CapHorn2v0Sinee FC Halmen
Denhaw Hobbin2v0Union Leiria
Blackhorse Rovers AC2v0Lemessi Bunnys AFC
Sevilya Athletica0v2Siriko FF
Ratandi CF3v2C.R. Café Opera 1899
Ala Tirika Trains1v3Venuela CF
CapHorn AC2v0L'inta FC Nordel
FC Cotedazur0v0Globetrotter United
"B" CapHorn2v3FC Babylonia
Lundby AFC3v4Liko AFC CapHorn
Sinee FC Halmen2v0Tivoli C.H.P.
L'inta FC Nordel2v2Ratandi CF
Lemessi Bunnys AFC1v2Union Leiria
Siriko FF4v2Denhaw Hobbin
C.R. Café Opera 18991v0Blackhorse Rovers AC
Venuela CF1v0Sevilya Athletica
Globetrotter United3v2Ala Tirika Trains
FC Babylonia1v4CapHorn AC
Liko AFC CapHorn1v1FC Cotedazur
Tivoli C.H.P.4v2"B" CapHorn
Lundby AFC0v1Sinee FC Halmen
FC Cotedazur1v0Lundby AFC
Ratandi CF0v2FC Babylonia
Denhaw Hobbin0v0Venuela CF
Lemessi Bunnys AFC3v2Siriko FF
Union Leiria1v2C.R. Café Opera 1899
Blackhorse Rovers AC1v1L'inta FC Nordel
Sevilya Athletica2v0Globetrotter United
Ala Tirika Trains0v2Liko AFC CapHorn
CapHorn AC4v1Tivoli C.H.P.
Sinee FC Halmen2v1"B" CapHorn
FC Babylonia0v2Blackhorse Rovers AC
C.R. Café Opera 18990v0Siriko FF
Venuela CF2v1Lemessi Bunnys AFC
L'inta FC Nordel3v1Union Leiria
Globetrotter United1v0Denhaw Hobbin
Liko AFC CapHorn1v1Sevilya Athletica
Tivoli C.H.P.1v1Ratandi CF
Lundby AFC0v1Ala Tirika Trains
"B" CapHorn0v2CapHorn AC
FC Cotedazur1v1Sinee FC Halmen
C.R. Café Opera 18992v2Venuela CF
Siriko FF2v4L'inta FC Nordel
Lemessi Bunnys AFC0v0Globetrotter United
Union Leiria2v2FC Babylonia
Denhaw Hobbin5v3Liko AFC CapHorn
Blackhorse Rovers AC1v0Tivoli C.H.P.
Sevilya Athletica1v1Lundby AFC
Ratandi CF1v2"B" CapHorn
Ala Tirika Trains3v1FC Cotedazur
Sinee FC Halmen2v3CapHorn AC
L'inta FC Nordel4v1Venuela CF
Globetrotter United2v1C.R. Café Opera 1899
FC Babylonia2v0Siriko FF
Liko AFC CapHorn3v1Lemessi Bunnys AFC
Tivoli C.H.P.3v0Union Leiria
Lundby AFC2v3Denhaw Hobbin
"B" CapHorn2v2Blackhorse Rovers AC
FC Cotedazur3v1Sevilya Athletica
CapHorn AC1v0Ratandi CF
Ala Tirika Trains2v0Sinee FC Halmen
L'inta FC Nordel2v0Globetrotter United
Venuela CF1v1FC Babylonia
C.R. Café Opera 18993v1Liko AFC CapHorn
Siriko FF1v4Tivoli C.H.P.
Lemessi Bunnys AFC2v1Lundby AFC
Union Leiria3v1"B" CapHorn
Denhaw Hobbin3v3FC Cotedazur
Blackhorse Rovers AC3v4CapHorn AC
Sevilya Athletica0v3Ala Tirika Trains
Sinee FC Halmen4v3Ratandi CF
FC Babylonia0v2Globetrotter United
Liko AFC CapHorn0v1L'inta FC Nordel
Tivoli C.H.P.0v3Venuela CF
Lundby AFC1v0C.R. Café Opera 1899
"B" CapHorn2v0Siriko FF
FC Cotedazur0v0Lemessi Bunnys AFC
CapHorn AC3v2Union Leiria
Ala Tirika Trains5v1Denhaw Hobbin
Ratandi CF2v4Blackhorse Rovers AC
Sevilya Athletica1v1Sinee FC Halmen
Siriko FF1v4CapHorn AC
FC Babylonia2v1Liko AFC CapHorn
Globetrotter United1v1Tivoli C.H.P.
L'inta FC Nordel3v2Lundby AFC
Venuela CF3v2"B" CapHorn
C.R. Café Opera 18990v0FC Cotedazur
Lemessi Bunnys AFC2v1Ala Tirika Trains
Union Leiria2v1Ratandi CF
Denhaw Hobbin4v0Sevilya Athletica
Sinee FC Halmen0v2Blackhorse Rovers AC
Tivoli C.H.P.4v1Liko AFC CapHorn
Lundby AFC1v0FC Babylonia
"B" CapHorn1v0Globetrotter United
FC Cotedazur0v1L'inta FC Nordel
CapHorn AC3v1Venuela CF
Ala Tirika Trains2v1C.R. Café Opera 1899
Ratandi CF1v0Siriko FF
Sevilya Athletica1v1Lemessi Bunnys AFC
Blackhorse Rovers AC2v0Union Leiria
Denhaw Hobbin2v1Sinee FC Halmen
Tivoli C.H.P.1v2Lundby AFC
Liko AFC CapHorn3v2"B" CapHorn
FC Babylonia1v0FC Cotedazur
Globetrotter United1v0CapHorn AC
L'inta FC Nordel0v4Ala Tirika Trains
Venuela CF0v0Ratandi CF
C.R. Café Opera 18991v1Sevilya Athletica
Siriko FF1v3Blackhorse Rovers AC
Lemessi Bunnys AFC3v0Denhaw Hobbin
Sinee FC Halmen1v0Union Leiria

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