Hard bargain Super League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Vendetta FC55002622415
3Poonah FC74032221112
5Mayo Youth Academy63121316-310
7Hard bargain FC62221013-38
8Ballers FC62131923-47
9St.Croix United6006322-190
10Brickfield Knight Riders6006323-200

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Hard bargain FC3v0Brickfield Knight Riders
Spartans4v2Poonah FC
Brickfield Knight Riders0v3Kryptonitez
St.Croix United0v3Vendetta FC
Mayo Youth Academy2v2Hard bargain FC
Ballers FC5v6Poonah FC
Vendetta FC4v1Kryptonitez
Mayo Youth Academy3v0Brickfield Knight Riders
Spartans4v0St.Croix United
Ballers FC2v2Hard bargain FC
Poonah FC1v4Hilltop
Mayo Youth Academy1v7Vendetta FC
Ballers FC5v1Brickfield Knight Riders
Hilltop6v0St.Croix United
Hard bargain FC1v3Poonah FC
Mayo Youth Academy4v2Spartans
Vendetta FC7v0Ballers FC
Poonah FC5v1St.Croix United
Ballers FC4v3Spartans
Hilltop3v0Mayo Youth Academy
Brickfield Knight Riders2v4Poonah FC
Ballers FC3v4Hilltop
Spartans6v1Hard bargain FC
Vendetta FC5v0Brickfield Knight Riders
Mayo Youth Academy3v2St.Croix United
Poonah FC1v4Kryptonitez
St.Croix United0v1Hard bargain FC

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