Gym leader tournament

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Cameron Clark1212004304336
2Gabriel HA1180331102124
3Shayne Selwonk95131810816
4Luis Almenta104151318-513
5Braxton Parker74031013-312
6Colby Mearns22007076
7Bjorn Graham8044010-104
8Lx Hara4103313-103
9Tony Young6015021-211
10J Jesus Cabrera Ramires110110030-301

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Cameron Clark4v0J Jesus Cabrera Ramires
Cameron Clark3v0J Jesus Cabrera Ramires
Cameron Clark5v0Lx Hara
Cameron Clark5v0Lx Hara
Cameron Clark2v0Bjorn Graham
Cameron Clark4v0Braxton Parker
Cameron Clark5v0Braxton Parker
Luis Almenta0v3Cameron Clark
Luis Almenta0v3Cameron Clark
Gabriel HA5v0Shayne Selwonk
Gabriel HA0v5Shayne Selwonk
Cameron Clark4v0Shayne Selwonk
Cameron Clark1v0Shayne Selwonk
Gabriel HA3v0Bjorn Graham
Cameron Clark4v0Tony Young
Gabriel HA3v0Lx Hara
Gabriel HA0v3Lx Hara
J Jesus Cabrera Ramires0v2Shayne Selwonk
J Jesus Cabrera Ramires0v4Shayne Selwonk
Colby Mearns4v0Luis Almenta
J Jesus Cabrera Ramires0v0Bjorn Graham
Shayne Selwonk0v0Bjorn Graham
Luis Almenta0v0Bjorn Graham
Braxton Parker2v0Bjorn Graham
Colby Mearns3v0Bjorn Graham
Tony Young0v0Bjorn Graham
Braxton Parker2v0J Jesus Cabrera Ramires
Braxton Parker2v0J Jesus Cabrera Ramires
Luis Almenta4v0J Jesus Cabrera Ramires
Luis Almenta4v0Braxton Parker
Luis Almenta0v4Braxton Parker
J Jesus Cabrera Ramires0v3Luis Almenta
Gabriel HA4v0Luis Almenta
Gabriel HA0v2Luis Almenta
Tony Young0v5Shayne Selwonk
Tony Young0v2Shayne Selwonk
Tony Young0v6Gabriel HA
Tony Young0v4Gabriel HA
Gabriel HA2v0J Jesus Cabrera Ramires
Gabriel HA4v0J Jesus Cabrera Ramires

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