Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Encounter Bay9801102773129632
2Victor Harbor Kangaroos980196069826232
3Strathalbyn Roosters970292876416428
4Yankalilla Tigers951380469211222
6Willunga Demons9324720787-6716
7Mt Compass Bulldogs9405748855-10716
8McLaren Eagles9306685747-6212
9Langhorne Creek Hawks9108464766-3024
10Goolwa/Port Elliot9018648907-2592

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Goolwa/Port Elliot70v139Encounter Bay
Langhorne Creek Hawks17v96Yankalilla Tigers
Strathalbyn Roosters85v82Victor Harbor Kangaroos
Willunga Demons78v75Mudlarks
Mt Compass Bulldogs76v75McLaren Eagles
McLaren Eagles92v70Goolwa/Port Elliot
Encounter Bay120v110Strathalbyn Roosters
Yankalilla Tigers99v99Willunga Demons
Mudlarks93v66Mt Compass Bulldogs
Victor Harbor Kangaroos129v67Langhorne Creek Hawks
Mt Compass Bulldogs73v112Yankalilla Tigers
Goolwa/Port Elliot69v126Strathalbyn Roosters
Willunga Demons77v110Victor Harbor Kangaroos
McLaren Eagles91v92Mudlarks
Langhorne Creek Hawks28v99Encounter Bay
Yankalilla Tigers28v30McLaren Eagles
Strathalbyn Roosters111v59Langhorne Creek Hawks
Mudlarks116v84Goolwa/Port Elliot
Encounter Bay118v82Willunga Demons
Victor Harbor Kangaroos114v88Mt Compass Bulldogs
Willunga Demons79v103Strathalbyn Roosters
Mt Compass Bulldogs81v104Encounter Bay
McLaren Eagles54v97Victor Harbor Kangaroos
Goolwa/Port Elliot41v44Langhorne Creek Hawks
Mudlarks80v97Yankalilla Tigers
Victor Harbor Kangaroos98v56Mudlarks
Langhorne Creek Hawks31v48Willunga Demons
Yankalilla Tigers103v77Goolwa/Port Elliot
Encounter Bay112v84McLaren Eagles
Strathalbyn Roosters107v89Mt Compass Bulldogs
McLaren Eagles85v95Strathalbyn Roosters
Mt Compass Bulldogs81v68Langhorne Creek Hawks
Mudlarks82v108Encounter Bay
Victor Harbor Kangaroos106v90Yankalilla Tigers
Goolwa/Port Elliot73v73Willunga Demons
Yankalilla Tigers84v121Encounter Bay
Victor Harbor Kangaroos114v75Goolwa/Port Elliot
Strathalbyn Roosters102v86Mudlarks
Willunga Demons93v94Mt Compass Bulldogs
Langhorne Creek Hawks86v90McLaren Eagles
Goolwa/Port Elliot89v100Mt Compass Bulldogs
Strathalbyn Roosters89v95Yankalilla Tigers
Encounter Bay106v110Victor Harbor Kangaroos
McLaren Eagles84v91Willunga Demons
Mudlarks71v64Langhorne Creek Hawks

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