Grupp D

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Slite stonehuggers660049331618
2Region om Dome6303464069
4Café Bärs60063350-170

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Region om Dome9v4Café Bärs
Schenker6v5Region om Dome
Slite stonehuggers9v7Schenker
Slite stonehuggers6v4Café Bärs
Region om Dome7v10Slite stonehuggers
Café Bärs4v10Region om Dome
Café Bärs4v5Schenker
Schenker2v5Slite stonehuggers
Region om Dome9v5Schenker
Slite stonehuggers11v6Region om Dome
Café Bärs7v8Slite stonehuggers
Schenker12v10Café Bärs

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