Grupp B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Visby Creperié660081196218
2Ruthström & Larsson63033746-99
4IBK HJB61052861-333

Viewed 331 times

Visby Creperié15v0Ruthström & Larsson
Villez3v14Visby Creperié
IBK HJB3v10Villez
IBK HJB3v12Ruthström & Larsson
Visby Creperié14v6IBK HJB
Ruthström & Larsson4v12Visby Creperié
Ruthström & Larsson12v6Villez
Villez7v10IBK HJB
Visby Creperié13v4Villez
IBK HJB2v13Visby Creperié
Ruthström & Larsson5v4IBK HJB
Villez6v4Ruthström & Larsson

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