Grupa C

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Club Atlético Timişoara44001211112
4Minerul Baita4112710-34
5Nirosxn CF4013412-81
6YR☆ Gradinita4013412-81
7YR☆ Sporting Alexandria4004315-120

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Nirosxn CF0v2Club Atlético Timişoara
Nirosxn CF0v4Club Atlético Timişoara
Club Atlético Timişoara4v0Minerul Baita
Club Atlético Timişoara2v1Minerul Baita
YR☆ Sporting Alexandria1v7Dragonul
YR☆ Sporting Alexandria1v2Dragonul
YR☆ Gradinita2v3★POLI★VIOLA★™
YR☆ Gradinita2v2★POLI★VIOLA★™
YR☆ Sporting Alexandria0v3★POLI★VIOLA★™
YR☆ Sporting Alexandria1v3★POLI★VIOLA★™
YR☆ Gradinita0v5Dragonul
YR☆ Gradinita0v2Dragonul
Nirosxn CF1v3Minerul Baita
Nirosxn CF3v3Minerul Baita

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