Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Stevie Plank981075156017
2Fred Hislop960359312812
3Gary Ryan960357332412
4Graham Cummings 943256342211
5K Colye951350401011
6Stuart Brander942353371610
7Stuart McMeechan jnr94234347-410
8Sandy Pentecost91262565-404
9Gary Young91172565-403
10James Gray9009783-760

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Stevie Plank8v2Graham Cummings
Gary Ryan9v1Gary Young
Fred Hislop8v2Stuart McMeechan jnr
Stevie Plank8v2K Colye
Stuart Brander3v7K Colye
Stuart Brander3v7Gary Ryan
Stuart Brander10v0James Gray
Graham Cummings 5v5Stuart McMeechan jnr
Gary Young5v5Sandy Pentecost
Sandy Pentecost9v1James Gray
Fred Hislop9v1James Gray
Graham Cummings 8v2Gary Young
Stuart McMeechan jnr6v4Gary Ryan
K Colye7v3Sandy Pentecost
Stevie Plank7v3Fred Hislop
Gary Ryan10v0James Gray
Stuart Brander7v3Stuart McMeechan jnr
Fred Hislop10v0Sandy Pentecost
Stevie Plank10v0Gary Young
Stuart McMeechan jnr6v4Gary Young
Stevie Plank10v0Sandy Pentecost
K Colye6v4Gary Ryan
Graham Cummings 10v0James Gray
Fred Hislop6v4Stuart Brander
Stuart Brander9v1Sandy Pentecost
Stevie Plank10v0Stuart McMeechan jnr
Fred Hislop7v3K Colye
Gary Young7v3James Gray
Graham Cummings 5v5K Colye
Graham Cummings 4v6Gary Ryan
K Colye8v2Gary Young
Stuart McMeechan jnr9v1James Gray
Stevie Plank5v5Stuart Brander
Graham Cummings 10v0Sandy Pentecost
Fred Hislop4v6Gary Ryan
Stuart McMeechan jnr7v3K Colye
Stevie Plank7v3Gary Ryan
K Colye9v1James Gray
Graham Cummings 5v5Stuart Brander
Stuart McMeechan jnr5v5Sandy Pentecost
Fred Hislop9v1Gary Young
Sandy Pentecost2v8Gary Ryan
James Gray0v10Stevie Plank
Gary Young3v7Stuart Brander
Fred Hislop3v7Graham Cummings

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