Group C

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Jason Scouse French76102491519
2Steven Pocock75201861217
3Anthony Vacher 74122315813
4Christopher Tongmee7232141139
5Moh Nas72141215-37
6Dave Dunnit Hornsby7214814-67
7Danny Houfe 71331220-86
8Rhys Richardson7007021-210

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Steven Pocock0v0Danny Houfe
Dave Dunnit Hornsby0v4Christopher Tongmee
Dave Dunnit Hornsby1v1Danny Houfe
Steven Pocock3v0Rhys Richardson
Moh Nas3v0Rhys Richardson
Jason Scouse French3v0Rhys Richardson
Dave Dunnit Hornsby3v0Rhys Richardson
Danny Houfe 3v0Rhys Richardson
Christopher Tongmee3v0Rhys Richardson
Anthony Vacher 3v0Rhys Richardson
Jason Scouse French2v2Steven Pocock
Jason Scouse French5v1Danny Houfe
Danny Houfe 3v3Christopher Tongmee
Steven Pocock2v1Christopher Tongmee
Dave Dunnit Hornsby2v1Moh Nas
Jason Scouse French3v0Christopher Tongmee
Anthony Vacher 2v2Christopher Tongmee
Moh Nas1v1Christopher Tongmee
Steven Pocock4v0Moh Nas
Jason Scouse French3v1Moh Nas
Anthony Vacher 6v2Danny Houfe
Anthony Vacher 3v1Moh Nas
Moh Nas5v2Danny Houfe
Anthony Vacher 3v4Steven Pocock
Anthony Vacher 4v5Jason Scouse French
Jason Scouse French3v1Dave Dunnit Hornsby
Steven Pocock3v0Dave Dunnit Hornsby
Anthony Vacher 2v1Dave Dunnit Hornsby

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