Group C

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Horse & Jockey B770045252021
2Conny Wanderers 75113832616
3Charny A750244261815
4Top Spot741241291213
5Willow C73223832611
6Willow A7304353509
7Milap Club A73043436-29
8Charny B71152941-124
9Anstey Lane Club71062446-223
10Prince of Wales70162248-261
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Willow A3v7Charny A
Willow C8v2Anstey Lane Club
Prince of Wales4v6Conny Wanderers
Charny B2v8Top Spot
Horse & Jockey B6v4Milap Club A
Milap Club A6v4Anstey Lane Club
Conny Wanderers 6v4Willow A
Charny A8v2Willow C
Top Spot7v3Prince of Wales
Horse & Jockey B7v3Charny B
Charny B9v1Milap Club A
Anstey Lane Club2v8Charny A
Willow C5v5Conny Wanderers
Willow A3v7Top Spot
Prince of Wales4v6Horse & Jockey B
Anstey Lane Club3v7Top Spot
Prince of Wales2v8Milap Club A
Willow C4v6Horse & Jockey B
Charny A4v6Conny Wanderers
Willow A8v2Charny B
Charny B5v5Prince of Wales
Horse & Jockey B7v3Willow A
Milap Club A4v6Charny A
Conny Wanderers 6v4Anstey Lane Club
Top Spot5v5Willow C
Horse & Jockey B7v3Anstey Lane Club
Prince of Wales2v8Willow A
Milap Club A7v3Conny Wanderers
Charny B4v6Willow C
Top Spot3v7Charny A
Anstey Lane Club6v4Charny B
Willow A6v4Milap Club A
Willow C8v2Prince of Wales
Conny Wanderers 6v4Top Spot
Charny A4v6Horse & Jockey B

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