Group B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Martin Perks6501124566810
2Dane Hopwood33006328356
3Lou Jones33006340236
4Mick Young630397104-76
5Daren Mallin630390105-156
6(simon totten)32016249134
7(adam deakin)3201504914
8Richard Jones52038890-24
9Adam Hartwell620495107-124
10Steve Hopwood620486107-214
11Liz Parkes2101393812
12Andy Pountney700763147-840

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Steve Hopwood21v15Richard Jones
Liz Parkes18v21Adam Hartwell
Andy Pountney5v21Martin Perks
Steve Hopwood12v21Lou Jones
Adam Hartwell12v21Daren Mallin
Martin Perks21v9Mick Young
Andy Pountney17v21Liz Parkes
(adam deakin)21v16Richard Jones
Steve Hopwood12v21(adam deakin)
(adam deakin)8v21Dane Hopwood
(simon totten)21v13Daren Mallin
Mick Young21v20(simon totten)
Richard Jones15v21(simon totten)
Steve Hopwood16v21Mick Young
Andy Pountney10v21Lou Jones
Martin Perks19v21Richard Jones
Lou Jones21v18Adam Hartwell
Daren Mallin21v17Mick Young
Daren Mallin21v13Andy Pountney
Steve Hopwood4v21Martin Perks
Martin Perks21v11Adam Hartwell
Dane Hopwood21v8Daren Mallin
Andy Pountney8v21Steve Hopwood
Adam Hartwell21v5Andy Pountney
Mick Young8v21Richard Jones
Mick Young21v5Andy Pountney
Martin Perks21v6Daren Mallin
Dane Hopwood21v12Adam Hartwell

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