Group B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1147 A770054163821
2Harrow B74123832613
3Sileby WMC74033634212
5Bulls Head73133139-810
6Leicesters A73043238-69
7Milap Club B72233238-68
8Bombay Wok 72142941-127
9Conny B71242842-145
10Willow Dean71153040-104

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147 A7v3Willow Dean
Harrow B8v2Bulls Head
Conny B5v5Mayflower
Milap Club B4v6Leicesters A
Bombay Wok 2v8Sileby WMC
Bulls Head8v2Conny B
147 A8v2Harrow B
Willow Dean4v6Sileby WMC
Mayflower5v5Milap Club B
Leicesters A9v1Bombay Wok
Milap Club B8v2Bulls Head
Bombay Wok 4v6Mayflower
Conny B3v7147 A
Harrow B7v3Willow Dean
Sileby WMC7v3Leicesters A
147 A9v1Bombay Wok
Milap Club B5v5Harrow B
Sileby WMC8v2Bulls Head
Conny B5v5Willow Dean
Leicesters A1v9Mayflower
147 A8v2Milap Club B
Bulls Head5v5Bombay Wok
Harrow B6v4Conny B
Willow Dean4v6Leicesters A
Mayflower8v2Sileby WMC
Bulls Head6v4Leicesters A
147 A8v2Sileby WMC
Harrow B3v7Bombay Wok
Willow Dean7v3Mayflower
Conny B8v2Milap Club B
Leicesters A3v7147 A
Milap Club B6v4Willow Dean
Sileby WMC3v7Harrow B
Mayflower4v6Bulls Head
Bombay Wok 9v1Conny B

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