Group B - Loanhead Miners Premier League

2018 Loanhead Miners Premier League
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Andrew Davidson 11100179344520
2Jock White1191182285419
3Davie Kirkland 1164165452016
4Andy Innes1162369442514
5Andy Pollock 1162362481414
6Andy McCardle114255654210
7Chris Froude114255258-610
8Jim Flockhart 114165456-29
9Tommy Houliston 112454565-208
10Peter Robb111374367-245
11Brian Duffy111373872-345
12Alan Mighton 110291892-742

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Brian Duffy4v6Jock White
Peter Robb2v8Andy Innes
Brian Duffy5v5Andy Pollock
Davie Kirkland 5v5Jock White
Andy Innes10v0Alan Mighton
Tommy Houliston 2v8Jim Flockhart
Peter Robb4v6Davie Kirkland
Andrew Davidson 9v4Andy Innes
Davie Kirkland 9v1Andy Pollock
Andy Innes5v5Andy McCardle
Brian Duffy4v6Jim Flockhart
Peter Robb4v6Andrew Davidson
Chris Froude2v8Andy McCardle
Andrew Davidson 4v6Chris Froude
Andy Pollock 10v0Alan Mighton
Andy McCardle2v8Tommy Houliston
Jock White7v3Chris Froude
Alan Mighton 2v8Andrew Davidson
Andy McCardle7v3Brian Duffy
Chris Froude7v3Peter Robb
Jock White7v3Jim Flockhart
Andy Pollock 7v3Tommy Houliston
Alan Mighton 5v5Peter Robb
Andy Innes7v3Jim Flockhart
Chris Froude2v8Andy Pollock
Brian Duffy2v8Peter Robb
Tommy Houliston 5v5Davie Kirkland
Alan Mighton 5v5Brian Duffy
Andy Innes4v6Andy Pollock
Jock White4v6Andrew Davidson
Jim Flockhart 2v8Andy McCardle
Tommy Houliston 5v5Chris Froude
Andy Pollock 3v7Andrew Davidson
Chris Froude4v6Brian Duffy
Jock White9v1Andy McCardle
Davie Kirkland 9v1Alan Mighton
Tommy Houliston 2v8Andy Innes
Jim Flockhart 3v7Andrew Davidson
Andrew Davidson 9v1Davie Kirkland
Andy Pollock 5v5Jim Flockhart
Alan Mighton 0v10Andy McCardle
Andy Innes3v7Jock White
Tommy Houliston 3v7Andrew Davidson
Davie Kirkland 5v5Chris Froude
Brian Duffy2v8Davie Kirkland
Andy McCardle3v7Andy Pollock
Davie Kirkland 5v5Andy Innes
Peter Robb4v6Jim Flockhart
Alan Mighton 2v8Chris Froude
Tommy Houliston 0v10Jock White
Andrew Davidson 9v1Brian Duffy
Tommy Houliston 5v5Peter Robb
Chris Froude4v6Andy Innes
Andy Pollock 1v9Jock White
Andy McCardle3v7Andrew Davidson
Alan Mighton 0v10Jim Flockhart
Jim Flockhart 4v6Davie Kirkland
Alan Mighton 0v10Jock White
Davie Kirkland 6v4Andy McCardle
Brian Duffy5v5Tommy Houliston
Jim Flockhart 4v6Chris Froude
Jock White8v2Peter Robb
Peter Robb1v9Andy Pollock
Brian Duffy1v9Andy Innes
Alan Mighton 3v7Tommy Houliston
Andy McCardle5v5Peter Robb

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