Group B - Loanhead Miners Premier League

2018 Loanhead Miners Premier League
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Andrew Davidson 1091078225619
2Davie Sharp1072170304016
3Kenny Munro 1080269313816
4Davie Kirkland 106134852-413
5Andy Pollock 105235347612
6Paul Fraser1042456441210
7Stevie Mackie 103344654-89
8Jason Bonnar 102444852-48
9Alan Stewart102173565-305
10Aaron Russell 100192575-501
11Craig Broughton 100192278-561

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Andy Pollock 7v3Alan Stewart
Paul Fraser5v5Jason Bonnar
Alan Stewart3v7Stevie Mackie
Davie Kirkland 7v3Craig Broughton
Craig Broughton 0v10Davie Sharp
Davie Sharp5v5Andrew Davidson
Aaron Russell 3v7Davie Kirkland
Kenny Munro 6v4Paul Fraser
Stevie Mackie 4v6Andrew Davidson
Aaron Russell 0v10Jason Bonnar
Kenny Munro 9v1Aaron Russell
Stevie Mackie 6v4Craig Broughton
Andy Pollock 3v7Andrew Davidson
Alan Stewart3v7Davie Kirkland
Davie Sharp5v5Jason Bonnar
Paul Fraser4v6Davie Kirkland
Jason Bonnar 2v8Kenny Munro
Aaron Russell 2v8Davie Sharp
Aaron Russell 1v9Paul Fraser
Craig Broughton 2v8Kenny Munro
Andy Pollock 6v4Aaron Russell
Davie Sharp10v0Stevie Mackie
Davie Kirkland 5v5Andy Pollock
Stevie Mackie 5v5Paul Fraser
Andy Pollock 7v3Jason Bonnar
Kenny Munro 8v2Davie Kirkland
Aaron Russell 2v8Andrew Davidson
Davie Sharp2v8Paul Fraser
Andrew Davidson 9v1Jason Bonnar
Kenny Munro 7v3Andy Pollock
Paul Fraser7v3Alan Stewart
Jason Bonnar 4v6Davie Kirkland
Andy Pollock 9v1Craig Broughton
Alan Stewart2v8Davie Sharp
Craig Broughton 2v8Jason Bonnar
Davie Kirkland 6v4Stevie Mackie
Andrew Davidson 8v2Alan Stewart
Aaron Russell 3v7Stevie Mackie
Andy Pollock 6v4Paul Fraser
Craig Broughton 0v10Andrew Davidson
Alan Stewart1v9Kenny Munro
Davie Sharp8v2Andy Pollock
Paul Fraser2v8Andrew Davidson
Kenny Munro 7v3Stevie Mackie
Aaron Russell 4v6Alan Stewart
Davie Kirkland 0v10Andrew Davidson
Craig Broughton 5v5Aaron Russell
Jason Bonnar 5v5Alan Stewart
Andy Pollock 5v5Stevie Mackie
Davie Sharp8v2Davie Kirkland
Andrew Davidson 7v3Kenny Munro
Paul Fraser8v2Craig Broughton
Davie Sharp6v4Kenny Munro
Stevie Mackie 5v5Jason Bonnar
Craig Broughton 3v7Alan Stewart

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