Group B - Christmas 2013

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Bald Eagles540141312
2Tattie and the wee Twiglet53023219
3Fire & (n)ice53023219
4Robin and Son520323-16
5Elephant Sharks520323-16
6The Many Faces of Mr Smooth510414-33
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The Bald Eagles1v0Elephant Sharks
Elephant Sharks1v0Robin and Son
The Bald Eagles1v0Fire & (n)ice
Robin and Son0v1Fire & (n)ice
Elephant Sharks0v1Fire & (n)ice
The Bald Eagles1v0The Many Faces of Mr Smooth
Elephant Sharks1v0The Many Faces of Mr Smooth
Tattie and the wee Twiglet1v0The Bald Eagles
Tattie and the wee Twiglet1v0Fire & (n)ice
Robin and Son1v0Tattie and the wee Twiglet
Robin and Son1v0The Many Faces of Mr Smooth
Tattie and the wee Twiglet1v0Elephant Sharks
The Many Faces of Mr Smooth1v0Tattie and the wee Twiglet
The Many Faces of Mr Smooth0v1Fire & (n)ice
The Bald Eagles1v0Robin and Son

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