Group A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Jack Bayliss6501124952910
2Alan Hartwell44008457278
3Ken Jones54019585108
4Adam Hopwood43018359246
5Andy Basterfield52038788-14
6Adam Watts6204109116-74
7Will Freeman6204104113-94
8Doug Talbot52038598-134
9Rob Recardo31024656-102
10Mandy Basterfield600676126-500

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Adam Watts14v21Jack Bayliss
Mandy Basterfield6v21Alan Hartwell
Rob Recardo21v14Doug Talbot
Andy Basterfield17v21Will Freeman
Ken Jones21v16Will Freeman
Adam Watts21v12Andy Basterfield
Jack Bayliss21v14Mandy Basterfield
Jack Bayliss21v16Will Freeman
Adam Watts21v20Adam Hopwood
Ken Jones21v10Doug Talbot
Mandy Basterfield6v21Andy Basterfield
Ken Jones21v20Mandy Basterfield
Andy Basterfield21v19Jack Bayliss
Will Freeman15v21Alan Hartwell
Doug Talbot21v20Mandy Basterfield
Adam Watts18v21Ken Jones
Rob Recardo13v21Adam Hopwood
Will Freeman15v21Adam Hopwood
Doug Talbot19v21Jack Bayliss
Alan Hartwell21v20Adam Watts
Doug Talbot21v15Adam Watts
Ken Jones11v21Jack Bayliss
Andy Basterfield16v21Alan Hartwell
Will Freeman21v12Rob Recardo
Adam Hopwood21v10Mandy Basterfield

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