Group A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Wyvern B75023733415
3Owl & PussyCat74123931813
4The Dove73133733410
5Horse & Jockey A7232373349
6John O'Gaunt73043139-89
7Harrow A72233238-68
8Willow B61322832-46
9Top House B62042733-66
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John O'Gaunt3v7Owl & PussyCat
Balmoral5v5Willow B
The Dove7v3Grosvenor
Top House B4v6Harrow A
Wyvern B6v4Horse & Jockey A
Grosvenor7v3Top House B
Willow B5v5The Dove
Owl & PussyCat7v3Horse & Jockey A
Harrow A6v4Wyvern B
John O'Gaunt7v3Balmoral
The Dove7v3John O'Gaunt
Balmoral1v9Owl & PussyCat
Horse & Jockey A5v5Harrow A
Wyvern B3v7Grosvenor
Balmoral8v2Top House B
Harrow A2v8Grosvenor
Wyvern B6v4John O'Gaunt
The Dove4v6Owl & PussyCat
Horse & Jockey A5v5Willow B
Grosvenor5v5Horse & Jockey A
Willow B4v6Wyvern B
Owl & PussyCat5v5Harrow A
John O'Gaunt6v4Top House B
Balmoral4v6The Dove
Top House B6v4The Dove
Balmoral4v6Wyvern B
John O'Gaunt2v8Horse & Jockey A
Willow B6v4Harrow A
Owl & PussyCat3v7Grosvenor
Owl & PussyCat2v8Top House B
Horse & Jockey A7v3Balmoral
Wyvern B6v4The Dove
Harrow A4v6John O'Gaunt
Grosvenor7v3Willow B

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