Group A pitch 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1St Joe's Rebels6411104613
2Smart FC633051412
3Crawley Green62318359
4Hemel Youth Yellow62227528
5Flitwick Eagles 62226428
6Sundon Park Mighty Ducks612349-55
7Dunstable United6015014-141

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Crawley Green5v0Dunstable United
Smart FC0v0Hemel Youth Yellow
St Joe's Rebels4v1Sundon Park Mighty Ducks
Crawley Green0v0Flitwick Eagles
Hemel Youth Yellow3v0Dunstable United
Flitwick Eagles 1v1Sundon Park Mighty Ducks
Crawley Green1v1Smart FC
St Joe's Rebels2v0Dunstable United
Hemel Youth Yellow1v2Flitwick Eagles
Smart FC2v0Sundon Park Mighty Ducks
St Joe's Rebels2v1Crawley Green
Sundon Park Mighty Ducks2v1Hemel Youth Yellow
Flitwick Eagles 3v0Dunstable United
St Joe's Rebels0v0Smart FC
Crawley Green0v0Hemel Youth Yellow
Dunstable United0v0Sundon Park Mighty Ducks
Flitwick Eagles 0v1Smart FC
Hemel Youth Yellow2v1St Joe's Rebels
Sundon Park Mighty Ducks0v1Crawley Green
Smart FC1v0Dunstable United
St Joe's Rebels1v0Flitwick Eagles

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