Group A - Loanhead Miners Premier League

2018 Loanhead Miners Premier League
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Paul Hannaway 55004193210
2Gary Wyllie 54013614228
3Andy McCardle53113119127
4Stevie Dall4211211925
5Brian Duffy4211211925
6Chris Froude 52032228-64
7Ian Prior51132327-43
8Andy Scanlan41121525-103
9Gavin Brock31021020-102
10Grant Shields 40221327-142
11Tony Wilson 3012921-121
12Alan Mighton 3003822-140

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Gary Wyllie 9v1Tony Wilson
Brian Duffy6v4Chris Froude
Alan Mighton 2v8Stevie Dall
Grant Shields 1v9Paul Hannaway
Andy McCardle6v4Ian Prior
Brian Duffy7v3Andy Scanlan
Grant Shields 2v8Gary Wyllie
Chris Froude 6v4Andy McCardle
Ian Prior6v4Alan Mighton
Stevie Dall1v9Paul Hannaway
Stevie Dall7v3Brian Duffy
Gary Wyllie 8v2Alan Mighton
Gavin Brock3v7Andy McCardle
Ian Prior4v6Andy Scanlan
Grant Shields 5v5Tony Wilson
Chris Froude 2v8Paul Hannaway
Chris Froude 3v7Gary Wyllie
Ian Prior5v5Brian Duffy
Andy Scanlan5v5Stevie Dall
Andy McCardle5v5Grant Shields
Gavin Brock1v9Paul Hannaway
Gary Wyllie 4v6Paul Hannaway
Andy McCardle9v1Andy Scanlan
Ian Prior4v6Gavin Brock
Chris Froude 7v3Tony Wilson

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