Group A champions League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Lucian bartalos54101851313
2Simon David Edmondson5320115611
3Anthony Vacher5212141047
4Johnny Croft 5122710-35
5Gazza norman5122611-55
6 Josh John padget 5005015-150

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Simon David Edmondson0v0Lucian bartalos
Simon David Edmondson0v0Gazza norman
Johnny Croft 0v0Gazza norman
Johnny Croft 1v5Lucian bartalos
Josh John padget 0v3Simon David Edmondson
Josh John padget 0v3Lucian bartalos
Josh John padget 0v3Johnny Croft
Josh John padget 0v3Gazza norman
Josh John padget 0v3Anthony Vacher
Gazza norman3v5Lucian bartalos
Lucian bartalos5v1Anthony Vacher
Johnny Croft 1v1Anthony Vacher
Johnny Croft 2v4Simon David Edmondson
Simon David Edmondson4v3Anthony Vacher
Gazza norman0v6Anthony Vacher

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