Group 4

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Louis Jackson870159213814
2Gordon Arneil870150302014
3Robert Hamilton851248321611
4Barry Strathie83324535109
5Andrew Alexander8413433769
6Davy Adam82153743-65
7Keith Arneil82153050-205
8Sandy Pentecost81162951-223
9John Carrett81071961-422

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Andrew Alexander4v6Gordon Arneil
Louis Jackson9v1John Carrett
Davy Adam10v0Sandy Pentecost
John Carrett1v9Gordon Arneil
Keith Arneil5v5Sandy Pentecost
Gordon Arneil1v9Louis Jackson
John Carrett3v7Davy Adam
John Carrett0v10Barry Strathie
Robert Hamilton4v6Keith Arneil
Sandy Pentecost4v6Barry Strathie
Keith Arneil0v10Louis Jackson
Davy Adam4v6Andrew Alexander
Sandy Pentecost3v7Louis Jackson
Keith Arneil3v7Gordon Arneil
Davy Adam3v7Robert Hamilton
Louis Jackson2v8Robert Hamilton
Andrew Alexander5v5Barry Strathie
Davy Adam5v5Barry Strathie
Robert Hamilton8v2Sandy Pentecost
Andrew Alexander3v7Louis Jackson
Keith Arneil4v6John Carrett
Robert Hamilton4v6Gordon Arneil
Gordon Arneil7v3Sandy Pentecost
Keith Arneil6v4Davy Adam
Andrew Alexander4v6Robert Hamilton
Davy Adam2v8Louis Jackson
John Carrett2v8Andrew Alexander
Davy Adam2v8Gordon Arneil
Barry Strathie7v3Keith Arneil
Louis Jackson7v3Barry Strathie
Robert Hamilton6v4John Carrett
Robert Hamilton5v5Barry Strathie
Andrew Alexander6v4Sandy Pentecost
Sandy Pentecost8v2John Carrett
Barry Strathie4v6Gordon Arneil
Andrew Alexander7v3Keith Arneil

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