Group 4

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1John Goldie770057134421
2Alan Burnett742145252014
3Derek Miller741241291213
4Andrew Alexander733143271612
5James Meikle731343271610
6Darren Tetsill72051951-326
7Kenny Stoddart70251852-342
8David Gardiner70161456-421

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John Goldie9v1Darren Tetsill
Andrew Alexander5v5Alan Burnett
Derek Miller6v4David Gardiner
John Goldie10v0Kenny Stoddart
Darren Tetsill1v9Derek Miller
James Meikle4v6Alan Burnett
David Gardiner2v8Andrew Alexander
Darren Tetsill7v3David Gardiner
John Goldie6v4James Meikle
Alan Burnett7v3Derek Miller
Andrew Alexander10v0Kenny Stoddart
Derek Miller4v6John Goldie
Kenny Stoddart5v5David Gardiner
Kenny Stoddart2v8James Meikle
James Meikle5v5Andrew Alexander
Alan Burnett10v0Darren Tetsill
David Gardiner0v10Alan Burnett
Derek Miller8v2Kenny Stoddart
James Meikle8v2Darren Tetsill
John Goldie8v2Andrew Alexander
James Meikle4v6Derek Miller
Andrew Alexander8v2Darren Tetsill
Alan Burnett5v5Kenny Stoddart
David Gardiner0v10John Goldie
David Gardiner0v10James Meikle
John Goldie8v2Alan Burnett
Derek Miller5v5Andrew Alexander
Darren Tetsill6v4Kenny Stoddart

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