Group 4

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1James Russell Jr.770059114814
2Brian Anderson750240301010
3Tony Paterson7322363428
4Davie Adam7322363428
5T.J O'Hara (ned)7313353507
6Derek Hill7214353505
7Sandy Pentecost71062446-222
8Darren Swan71061555-402

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Davie Adam6v4Sandy Pentecost
James Russell Jr.10v0Darren Swan
Brian Anderson0v10T.J O'Hara (ned)
Tony Paterson6v4Derek Hill
T.J O'Hara (ned)6v4Sandy Pentecost
Darren Swan0v10Tony Paterson
Brian Anderson7v3Sandy Pentecost
James Russell Jr.10v0T.J O'Hara (ned)
Sandy Pentecost3v7Tony Paterson
Derek Hill5v5Davie Adam
T.J O'Hara (ned)8v2Darren Swan
Brian Anderson4v6James Russell Jr.
Darren Swan3v7Derek Hill
Davie Adam6v4T.J O'Hara (ned)
Davie Adam5v5Tony Paterson
Sandy Pentecost1v9James Russell Jr.
Brian Anderson6v4Derek Hill
Sandy Pentecost6v4Derek Hill
Darren Swan2v8Davie Adam
Tony Paterson2v8Brian Anderson
Derek Hill3v7James Russell Jr.
Darren Swan1v9Brian Anderson
James Russell Jr.8v2Davie Adam
T.J O'Hara (ned)5v5Tony Paterson
Brian Anderson6v4Davie Adam
Tony Paterson1v9James Russell Jr.
T.J O'Hara (ned)2v8Derek Hill
Darren Swan7v3Sandy Pentecost

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