Group 4

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1John Goldie 55005645210
2Darren walls 64114329149
3Nickie Adamson 53114218247
4Jagie Norwood 5221332766
5Fergy Ferguson 52032337-144
6Danny McGowan 51041248-362
7Tony Paterson 30031224-120
8Dave mcgechie 4004741-340

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Nickie Adamson 4v8Darren walls
Jagie Norwood 2v10John Goldie
Danny McGowan 7v5Dave mcgechie
John Goldie 12v0Dave mcgechie
Jagie Norwood 9v3Fergy Ferguson
Tony Paterson 5v7Fergy Ferguson
Tony Paterson 5v7Darren walls
Darren walls 6v6Jagie Norwood
Dave mcgechie 1v11Nickie Adamson
Danny McGowan 1v11Nickie Adamson
Danny McGowan 0v12John Goldie
Darren walls 1v11John Goldie
Fergy Ferguson 10v2Danny McGowan
Jagie Norwood 6v6Nickie Adamson
Tony Paterson 2v10Nickie Adamson
Dave mcgechie 1v11Darren walls
Danny McGowan 2v10Jagie Norwood
Fergy Ferguson 2v10Darren walls
Fergy Ferguson 1v11John Goldie

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