Group 4

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Gary Stone88007196216
2John Donaldson760157134412
3Rickie Brown860261194212
4David Rose jnr860253272612
5Alan Kerr852151292212
6Danny McGowan snr73314525209
7Ian McCallum63124119227
8Michael McCafferty83052654-286
9Billy Don42112812165
10Danny McGown jnr72143337-45
11Michelle McLay62041842-244
12Gemma Kerr82062654-284
13Kelly Graham81072060-402
14John Carrett1300130130-1300

Viewed 333 times

Michael McCafferty7v3Kelly Graham
Billy Don5v5Alan Kerr
Danny McGowan snr5v5Ian McCallum
John Donaldson10v0Gemma Kerr
Danny McGown jnr3v7Gary Stone
Rickie Brown9v1Danny McGowan snr
David Rose jnr7v3Billy Don
Kelly Graham0v10Rickie Brown
Michelle McLay0v10Ian McCallum
David Rose jnr0v10Gary Stone
Danny McGowan snr5v5Alan Kerr
John Donaldson8v2Danny McGown jnr
Gemma Kerr3v7Michael McCafferty
John Carrett0v10Rickie Brown
John Carrett0v10Michelle McLay
John Carrett0v10Michael McCafferty
John Carrett0v10Kelly Graham
John Carrett0v10Ian McCallum
John Carrett0v10Gemma Kerr
John Carrett0v10David Rose jnr
John Carrett0v10Gary Stone
John Carrett0v10Danny McGown jnr
John Carrett0v10Danny McGowan snr
John Carrett0v10Billy Don
John Carrett0v10Alan Kerr
Michelle McLay7v3Kelly Graham
John Donaldson4v6Gary Stone
David Rose jnr6v4Gemma Kerr
Ian McCallum4v6Alan Kerr
Rickie Brown10v0Michael McCafferty
Gary Stone10v0Gemma Kerr
Gary Stone9v1Rickie Brown
Alan Kerr9v1Michael McCafferty
David Rose jnr10v0Kelly Graham
John Donaldson7v3Ian McCallum
Gemma Kerr1v9Danny McGowan snr
Michelle McLay0v10David Rose jnr
Alan Kerr1v9Gary Stone
Kelly Graham1v9Ian McCallum
John Donaldson10v0John Carrett
Gary Stone10v0Michael McCafferty
Rickie Brown10v0Danny McGown jnr
Billy Don10v0Michelle McLay
John Donaldson8v2Rickie Brown
Alan Kerr9v1David Rose jnr
Gemma Kerr7v3Kelly Graham
Danny McGown jnr5v5Danny McGowan snr
David Rose jnr9v1Michael McCafferty
Alan Kerr6v4Danny McGown jnr
Gemma Kerr1v9Rickie Brown
Danny McGowan snr10v0Kelly Graham
Michael McCafferty0v10John Donaldson
Michelle McLay1v9Danny McGown jnr

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