Group 4

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1M Robertson 55004373610
2Sandy Mcmeechan 54013416188
3G Cummings 52122228-65
4G Ryan 52032327-44
5J Milne 51131931-123
6S Irvine 5005941-320

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S Irvine 3v7G Ryan
Sandy Mcmeechan 7v3G Ryan
J Milne 5v5G Cummings
M Robertson 10v0J Milne
G Cummings 8v2S Irvine
G Cummings 6v4G Ryan
Sandy Mcmeechan 9v1S Irvine
G Cummings 2v8M Robertson
Sandy Mcmeechan 7v3J Milne
M Robertson 10v0S Irvine
M Robertson 8v2Sandy Mcmeechan
J Milne 4v6G Ryan
Sandy Mcmeechan 9v1G Cummings
M Robertson 7v3G Ryan
J Milne 7v3S Irvine

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