Group 3

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Alan Burnett651045153011
2Daniel Morrison63213723148
3Alex Lister63123525107
4David Spence6312332767
5Steven Russell62132535-105
6Scott Paterson62042535-104
7Lewis Young60061050-400

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Steven Russell7v3David Spence
Daniel Morrison5v5Steven Russell
Lewis Young2v8Steven Russell
Alex Lister5v5Daniel Morrison
David Spence5v5Alan Burnett
Daniel Morrison9v1Lewis Young
Alan Burnett7v3Alex Lister
Steven Russell3v7Scott Paterson
David Spence8v2Alex Lister
Alan Burnett7v3Daniel Morrison
David Spence9v1Lewis Young
Scott Paterson2v8Alex Lister
Scott Paterson4v6David Spence
Alan Burnett7v3Scott Paterson
Alex Lister8v2Steven Russell
Lewis Young1v9Alan Burnett
Alex Lister9v1Lewis Young
Daniel Morrison8v2David Spence
Daniel Morrison7v3Scott Paterson
Lewis Young4v6Scott Paterson
Alan Burnett10v0Steven Russell

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